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Joker review: Love it or hate it


Of film that did really hot though that would be joker and it is polarizing films of the year it is true a love it or hate it type of film and I'm finding myself on the ladder side of that Ledger I went into this folks expecting that it's going to be where the best films of the year and I couldn't wait for it and I love the fact that clearly taught phelps is paying them is to score says and had said that taxi driver in comedy ric huge references and reference points for him but as I tweeted in my review I said tops pays homage and Aaron Charles is a good guys a loyal listener the podcast he immediately corrected me the tweets that have paid them is it's a derivative I'm like that's true tops is no Martin Scorsese he's making taxi driver King Comedy Without the Intelligence in the witch and the subtlety now the story is supposed to be this forever alone in a crowd failed comedian Arthur fleck seeks connections he walks the streets of Gotham city Arthur wars to masks the one he pays for his day job as a clown and the guys he x any futile attempt to feel like he's part of the world around him isolated bullied and disregarded by society flack begins a slow descent into madness as he transformed into the criminal mastermind known as the joker sounds great but it's not the first thirty minutes or so I enjoyed because I could appreciate Lawrence share the director of photography clearly again paying monster Scorsese's taxi driver literally adult movie theater they show in the early minutes you see the garbage piling up feels like they're trying to evoke the taxi driver of the seventies but you know taxi driver even though it's a very dark film and it's an urban nightmare there's still moments of Levity Q. Albert Brooks who is hilarious in the movie documents stool pigeons there's still romance you know when score says he was feted by the Afi with a lifetime achievement award Julia Roberts introduced a clip and it's a wonderful clip where Travis has I picking up betsy and it shows you know for a guy who doesn't always get a claim for having a playful touch it's a really sweet scene and the way that Travis picks her up he says you know I think it was beautiful whoa ever seen and he says when he's going to pick her up and she'll be on time and I'm sure you will and it's a really nice scene and your member of the fact that Travis has a Mohawk and ends up gunning down a bunch of thugs moments like that and it's you know there's a glimmer of upside there's none of that era joker it is a relentlessly bleak thoroughly unpleasant film experience you know comedy has great humor in the movie I mean it's a really funny movie within the fact that Rupert Pumpkin is a guy who is a very painful isolated self-loathing character but it's still really funny I mean the fact he's so obsessed with Jerry Lewis talk show hosts that eventually feels compelled to kidnap him there's a dark undercurrent always but there's some big time lapse in the way that rupert is just so delusional in this film though there's none of that I mean it is just a painful experience it's about as subtle as a sledgehammer to the Groin and even though Joaquin Phoenix is getting Oscar buzz and and I do is an excellent actor I think the performance owes a little bit to his character into the master Kinda feel like it's a you know he's almost Pankaj to that character and listen he's a talented guy it's also always performance at the Oscars love I mean they love these showy flamboyant performances he's got a bunch of ticks the over laughing it's very flamboyant it's not today it's bad acting is pointing out that the Oscars love this kind of stuff so I don't even know if he deserves a best actor nomination but I can guarantee you we'll get nominated for one and he's certainly an intense actor and gave it two and a half maple leafs that was right after the movie the more I've thought about it I'm giving it only two maple leafs like I said it's just too derivative and just to pleasurable of film experience and there's obviously but other conversations about it people are mentioning is it a commentary mental illness and the fact that mentally ill people are being ignored is it a film it's inciting violence a natural born killers which I thought a lot actually watching them which I think is an excellent movie and I liked a lot Owen gleiberman right favourite film critics he championed natural born killers and unfortunately for me he's actually repeating jokers well though he next article which he said everyone is very polarized by being the was polarize similar decades said people either loving or hating it made a ton of money doc tober opening ever in terms of rotten tomatoes in this won best picture at the Venice Film Festival the Golden Line which means it could be an Oscar contender but even a good article from hr it's got fiber he was saying that some voters have said I don't know whether to give it every Oscar or to give it a Razzie like that's that's exactly the way we're looking at with this film because is so polarizing and people are just walking out there arguing about immediately in terms of rotten tomatoes sixty percent is the average above that is above average below that is below average Chris only sixty nine percent but audiences liked it they gave it a ninety percent so ultimately it was not a film for me it's not a film I would recommend Joe I don't know if you saw it but the floor is yours what say you I and I was Gonna go see it until you told me just how bleak and pleasurable it was and I was GonNa see last night and I thought I don't really need to if it's just GonNa be that dark I'm sure walking Phoenix is really really good in it but if it's just someone falling down a staircase in slow motion for two hours I'm just like I I got my the baseball team to do that I don't need to watch that in the cinema for two hours absolutely right you I mean there's just nothing as I said you think of a dark movie you love this year's big movie lovers I'm that there's still moments of levity there are still moments of light amidst the darkness and the comedy of the film is making this isn't that this is just Oh he's laughed at ridiculed he punched he finally acts out his violent urges and feel some sort of release and that causes them to do more. I mean it's just like you said Joe I the project and just watch your twins I wouldn't recommend the film too many

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Joker review: Love it or hate it

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