Canada elections: Trudeau wins narrow victory to form minority


Judo has won a second term as Canada's Prime Minister his Liberal Party will claim the most seats in parliament but they are expected to fall short of an outright majority. Let's have a listen to of what Trudeau had to say in his victory speech in Montreal from coast to Coast to coast tonight Canadians rejected division negatively they rejected cuts and austerity and they voted in favor of progress serve agenda and strong action on climate change I heard you my friends you are sending our liberal team back to work back to Ottawa with a clear mandate we will make life more affordable we will continue to fight climate change we will get guns off our streets and we will keep investing well big words but minority government that was the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaking a short time ago join here in the studio by Daniel Bank One of our Canadian contingent Heritz Midori House Danny what's your reactions that he he sounded pretty strung out but we were talking just before the thanks went live you know he's now looking to features the setting the agenda as he moves forwards was everyone been saying yeah he has to sort of shake off a very visit and bitter campaign quickly and get back to work that was more of a campaign style speech and it's really interesting that Trudeau that was close to do one o'clock in the morning and Montreal is quite late I was listening on the way and this morning he chose to speak at the exact same time as Andrews Cheer was speaking in the prairies Indus Jagmeet Singh was speaking out in British Columbia normally they don't do that normally they come together and say I'm going to speak at this time you'll speak at that time they all spoke at the same time they spoke over each other during the Bates during the debates they spoke over each other early this morning as they sort of rallied the troops again aw projecting this as a huge victory but liberals conservatives and the MVP all lost ground so they're all losers they're all winners innocence where we had that before electoral pollens just tell us a bit about minority government Canadians good at doing that I mean we have a long history of minority governments certainly the world the word coalition I mentioned this on the globalist as well not really used in Canada it was it was floated by Jagmeet Singh Very Progressive Left leaning leader of the D. new Democrats floated during the campaign he immediately had to walk that back and talk about supporting the government Interestingly the new Democrats are directly against the pipeline they they refuse to work for that pipeline the Liberals bought the pipeline in for the energy sector in the West obviously which the conservatives champion so the new Democrats have twenty four seats for the Liberals to get anything through parliament they would need either the new Democrats the block by block of Becua- pardon me the Nationalist Party from Quebec who actually won more seats on last night then the EP so they are the real balance of power here it won't be a coalition in official terms Justin Trudeau we've known him to become quite bullish and even quite pompous I don't see him putting An and EP member into his caucus into his government I don't see that happening so it won't be an official coalition absolutely he'll need their support so it will be a tenuous one the Conservative leader Andrew Scheer saying last night were ready and waiting to defeat the government and we're ready to take over they don't think it's GonNa last long so we shall see what about his deal-making prowess see this has been damaging Trudeau to a degree does he still have the facility to do any kind of deal with any of these other players are the formal or informal it is present me he's still a well he still capable Titian can you get that done I think you'll have to he he won't have choice he the clip we heard off the top there he was talking about making life more affordable tackling climate change and he would absolutely need the new Democrats for those things that's what they campaigned on on you know making healthcare more affordable making living more affordable and and talking about Pharma Cares taking the taking care of that he would absolutely need the MVP I think Jagmeet Singh is guy he can work with very charismatic young guy much like Trudeau champion himself fashioned himself in his first campaign Trudeau will need to maintain sort of his strong leadership approach and Project that behind closed doors heal absolutely need to be the tactful politician and get some help let's see how it gets on with that now we mentioned you're GonNa Browse through some newspapers can I start with my yeah it's it's true though with the witch's brooms and some bats and black cats playing up the Halloween theme that It is a story right leaning newspaper from from Alberta projecting welcome to the nightmare it's so funny actually hearing overnight the some of the coverage from the public broadcaster in Canada them reminding listeners about nineteen eighty when when Pierre Trudeau and Justin's father was completely shut out in the prairies much like Trudeau was last night because of the resentment in Alberta always actually really surprised to hear from even liberal western Canadians how much they've resent inch trudeau he is really disliked. This is a problem the other thing about forming a government is what his father did in nineteen eighty was he had to draft in senators to read percents those providence provinces in his government because he had no MP's the exact same situation now will true draw from the opposition parties to help misgovernment put them in cabinet posts or will he draft in people who weren't even elected or didn't even campaign his father did exactly that he wasn't liked out west the energy sector after the massive question of course international forces international markets have a lot to do with the price of oil and how the energy sector does but there you're huge huge implications for Trudeau and what he does on this pipeline Quebec and the block Becua- don't support it the MVP don't support it but western Canada says we have to get moving on the energy file let's just have a couple of others national post was one of the most beautifully and elegantly designed administered and Jagmeet Singh the leader of the EP declaring I won which is which is partially true at the end ep lost a lot of they did gain a lot of ground during the campaign a Jagmeet Singh did very well for himself and projecting himself as a capable young charismatic leader he will be an interesting one to watch in the House of Commons Holding Trudeau to account And this other comment piece I find quite funny on the front of the National Post PM Makes History with a new low he he moves on from a majority government to lose the popular vote across Canada Canada but and the other comment saying he's pulled off a bit of an election miracle which I think after the last two scandals he he did quite well to pull that in an election

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