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Conservatives put national security at risk to storm impeachment proceedings


Two thousand conservative Republicans versus we get into a closed-door impeachment hearing just days after president trump called on GOP allies to get tough tonight a source tells CNN Mr Trump handed it's knowledge of the stunt which delayed testimony by the Deputy Assistant Defense Secretary Laura Cooper for hours as Republicans had demanded to be present outing house rules also president trump has now lifted sanctions imposed on Turkey over its military offensive against Kurds in northern Syria that's the quite testimony from his special envoy who told the House Foreign Affairs Committee that Turkish-backed forces are likely behind war crimes against Kurds added and I'm quoting now we have a problem following the president's withdrawal of us we'll talk about the breaking news and much more with Congressman Adam kinzler the foreign affairs city and our correspondents and analysts are also standing by for let's go straight to Capitol Hill our senior congressional correspondent Maharajas on the scene for US monitor truly a remarkable scene today tell our viewers what how get after five hours of fighting this testimony now taking place in your defense official answering questions about why the president's Aid Ukraine was withheld but this after Republicans delayed proceedings for hours ones we're not part of the hearing demanding to be part storming into a closed door hearing democrats pushing back and he yelled at by some Republicans even calling in the Capitol police sergeant at arms all democrats are saying in the aftermath of all of this as a day believe there's an effort to distract from key revelation in yesterday's testimony that undercut a White House defense that there was no quid pro quo installing Ukrainian aid and then we're going to try to go in there and we're GonNa try to figure out what's going on I was Republicans a storm the closed door impeachment hearing after damning testimony revealed that president trump may have stalled vital military aid to Ukraine three in exchange for help with reelection prospects it is a sham and it's time for it to end what is happening here is not fair what does that shift trying to hide its but total political hit job on the president of the United States which roughly two dozen lawmakers taking part and refusing to leave some even flouting house rules by carrying electronics into the secure space as one Republican members screamed at House Intelligence Chairman Adams live Democratic Congressman Val demings responded shouting Republicans and asking if they were trying to teach their children that it's okay to lie steal and cheat wait so long as you don't get caught leaving the hearing room Republicans argued the process wasn't fair saying the GOP is being kept in the dark but Republican pins are involved the ones who sit on the committees can ask questions and attend the hearings few GOP members talk about the damning testimony from Bill Taylor the top US diplomat in Ukraine who testified that US Ambassador to the U. Ordinance Solomon told him that President trump held up US military aid to Ukraine until that country agreed to reopen an investigation into the Biden and the two thousand sixteen campaign visit the opening statement says if you were in a court of law would you rely just on the opening statement of an attorney Democrats called protests a stunt to distract from Taylor's testimony gets a extent it's GonNa all of this is going to be forgotten very soon because the real story is what did the president do and why and the harm that it's onto our national security our Republican colleagues evidently have freaked out because they have nothing substantive to say about that they're not denying it in any way they're just trying to avoid it and so instead they attack the committee process of Congress it's it's really a pathetic show on their part GOP leaders stuck to the the house lying insisting there was no quid pro quo based on a rough transcript the White House released a July phone call between trump and Ukrainian president Linski nowhere in that phone call is there a quid pro quo did the president ask just as America does every day to work on different cases now McCarthy also said a quid pro quo means essentially getting something physically or in exchange for something he said name me one thing that Ukraine digital at least honey he said nothing that's a new line of defense coming from Republicans but also today wolf a setback for the trump administration in court a federal judge ruled that the State Department has thirty days to turn over to a watchdog group American oversight records related to communications between Mike Pompeo the secretary of state and the president's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani so while Congress has tried to get those records the State Department has denied access to those records perhaps as washout group could get those records and we'll see how that affects impeachment going forward going on thank you very much let's bring in our White House correspondent Boris Sanchez Boris this chaos up on Capitol Hill comes just days after trump told Republicans they need to get tough and fight the impeachment inquiry what are you hearing over there that's right wolf president trump again calling on Republicans more aggressive in defending him he said so just moments ago at an event in Pittsburgh the president calling for unity in his party as he tries to defend his founding serious strategy even top officials contradict the president's description on what's happening on the ground there let's see if we can get in tonight as this was unfolding on Capitol Hill with Republican members interrupting testimony from the latest impeachment witness a source tells C. N. N. that not only was the stunt preplanned but president trump was given a heads up a source revealing that some of the Republican members who storm Laura Cooper's deposition appeared at the wall White House Tuesday night president trump also shooting a warning to Republicans who aren't standing by him through the fight quote the never trumper Republicans though on respirators with not many left or in certain ways worse and more dangerous for our country than the do nothing Democrats Watch offer them they are human scum there are the tweet coming on the heels of the number two Republican in the Senate lamenting testimony from the president's top diplomat in Ukraine Bill Taylor Senator John Thune telling reporters off camera quote the picture coming out of it based on the reporting that we've seen I would you say is not a good one behind closed doors the president's attorneys are scrambling sources say trump's legal team is recalibrating their impeached in strategy keeping the focus on the Democrats command of legal proceedings instead of trying to answer for the substance of trump's alleged actions on Ukraine the president is being denied due

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