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Did mention that one of your other offices in Hong Kong what are your observations about the crypto seeing their cats funny. I you know I was asking a friend the other day of audit in the we had it we had a a a piece of on long about Hong Kong which was basically the basic the argument was you know. Hong Kong is doing nothing on crypto regulation. That's great you know basically saying Hong Kong was pretty much hands off and that's been that's been great for or for crypto there again. You know what's happening. In Hong Kong now is kind of overshadowed by just all these other things that are happening in Hong Kong so you know I think there's like so it's kind of hard to talk about any. I don't really know the status of anything in Hong Kong right now but but yeah that was at least you know something that that was the that was kind of how we covered. It is is Hong Kong being pretty pretty hands off and that was that was a good thing I mean obviously compared to mainland China That's very very different approach yeah

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