'Borderlands 3' voice actor turned down role because Gearbox ‘wouldn’t go union’


One on the report why Troy Baker isn't in borderlands three this is Kirk Kirk mckean over vg twenty four seven. If you remember we're of course do this whole Brouhaha for months. Now Randy Pitchford was asked on twitter. Hey is going to be reese. Randy said no troy turned down in Troy. I didn't turn it down. You guys said No. There's been back and forth. It's been ugly here's Kirk at VGA twenty four seven. We recently got a chance to talk to Baker during a fan event for wrestler replay. Let's play series the actor host alongside the other Troy Baker Nolan north. I love that during our chat he was openly disappointed that he didn't get a chance to play reese again in Borderlands Orlands three quote so they came to me and they were like do you want to do this. Baker explained which I said absolutely and then they made it impossible for me to do the role. It had nothing to do with money money. It had nothing to do. It had nothing to do with money. It had nothing to do with money. They just simply would not go about doing it the way that we needed to be done so then it it was like I never said no gosh I I worry Detroit. No he was talking to a reporter. It sounds like he's had a retro replay thing with Guinness just sitting there talking we we asked Baker to clarify what he meant by this scheduling conflicts or something else quote no it was simply a matter that they wouldn't go union. He replied and I can't do a non union union GIG without getting too deep into the weeds of that we had long conversations about this. We always knew going into it that this was going to be the thing they're gonNa take these characters and put them from put them from the tales from the series from telltale into Borland's proper. I've been waiting for this call. They were like do you want to do this and I said yes. They never they never because they would never move from that position. I'm not mad is invariably a complicated different. I'm sorry it's invariably a completely different different character but it's still sings stings fuck. It's hard to read quotes that are like just talking yeah. When it's a prepared quote we all go this garbage quote or a written word in general but when Choi's they're they're doubling up sentences over jabbing now the fun little kind of funny thing that we can do that but I want? I was going to bring in Chad's question because I think there's interesting. relation dossier Chad wrote in to Patriot dot com slash Kinda Funny Games says morning folks with the reveal this morning that Baker as a sack after member couldn't minute reprise his role of reese in Borland's three because gearbox wouldn't go union. Do you think this is something we'll see more of. Do you think this now becoming such a high profile story will before the hands of publishers to allow voice actors to unionize. I also wonder how often this happens. Considering it took one of if not the most popular voice actors sorry known to to make a headline that said I love the solitary solidarity intrigue continues to demonstrate that he is one of the kindest humans lot also. Let Your Voice Actors Union is Randy what the fuck cheers so yes. I already know where you're going with. This is an interesting story. If you all remember we hear kind of funny didn't animated series called kind of funny the animated series in episode one principal Christopher Walken it was played by Donna Troy Baker and the idea of course is that that'd be reoccurring character throughout throughout the entire run of the animated series well on top of that he was going to play two characters. He was gonNA play the principal. He was also gonNA play Troy who was like the Guy Oh I do. Remember who was a character in the show that just doesn't ever have voice yeah and the reason he doesn't have a voice is he's a Wendy's boyfriend. I remember that yeah I'd beef with Troy and we we we did a he pulled favor. I totally which is a gal do fucking voice view. He ended up getting kind of in trouble for it. It was more of a slap on the wrist. If you can't be doing that Shit so dr like hey we want to do the whole like series a kind of social. Whatever the hell it was at that point we had to go through his people and he didn't want to be that way he was he's like dude? I want to do this. Let's make it work but us us especially back then be the people we were. We got maybe two steps into that process and we're oh man it's complicated and it's going to require not too much money but the way that the money had to go was too complicated for what we were set up for gearbox they can handle that shape this and nothing that's of course the argument to be made here right is that kind of funny in the spare bedroom at the kitchen table and nick riding on these scripts was not the same as gearbox however there's a lot of different stuff going on here. Remember that when the David eddings lawsuit stuff was happening right and he was saying he that when he got replaced as claptrap this is a similar thing right that he left left in some he he worked at gearbox did the voice of claptrap and didn't get paid extra because of it. That's not the payment thing. I don't know anything about that other than what eddings has talked about publicly but that's still seems to be the case with how they do the voices in general right after the troy thing happened. I wondered if it was this based on what had happened with us. We obviously we had never had that kind of sag work a conversation before because we never did something like that before so it'd been so much time between borderlands two boroughs three I wondered after this happened with Troy was a union thing and then on top of that. I wonder how that would affect one actually burch who of course tiny team in the game is in the game. It is actually on the economy com slash wrong if I'm wrong about that doing tiny Tina's voice like I was wondering how she got around it because that's the other thing within the union ship makes everything so complicated. No longer on unions do a lot of great. I'm good. I'm not saying they're bad but I know like when I go and do the Lego Games because I'm not union. I have to do Taft Hartley Agreement. That's something weird like I. There's like paperwork on top of paperwork that is like we're bringing this person in because he s voice because of x y and Z yeah and so you know it's this weird thing of also talking to an extent here but for a long time not forever a longtime telltale didn't use SAG after voice actors obviously towards the end the change we're talking about in the borderland right here troy's in that obviously laurabeets in that all that but I remember and I'd have to go look at it now. There's there's something different about the credits where if you look through the credits of a telltale game where they use both union and non union they get credited in different ways interesting. There's so many intricate streak. I can't even talk to complications to use voice sag person or a a union voice actress nonunion voice actor that I I do wonder what this means for. How gearbox does it? You know I think chat ask in general I don't think so because I don't think this is something that happens often in many ways we've talked about. I think it is automatic. I'd imagine this happening all the time. I mean if it happened to us. I'm sure it's happening all over the place that you just don't hear about it because most people don't have podcast that years later the randomly telling the story sure you know but I think were going just different uh-huh directions with this one I'm saying I wonder how much this happens in terms of AAA Games. That's what I'm

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