Help I'm Surrounded By Naked Posh Boys


I'm more deal deal your more dire yes in my all my God we we have a producer on his feet here he's just shelter power was shot so ben is back from his holiday on his own shut so foul of his CIA and yeah the good one that's one of the best ones shall we have already started a a needs to stop all this I don't Santita them Tom Yes please I had been kicking around for smells like just monitor that been that's an I think that's on the turn anyway two just depending on punching smells like a pro sandwich sandwiches so I think one right who we tasting today to tell us to bonfire night phone finite finite finite it's fine I mean I prefer it to Halloween Halloween is Halloween has celtic origins is predominantly the American T. fast whereas at least bonfire night is a bit of historical clout to it because of the boom fine this time of year is a young challenge the best isn't it CALC- phone plays it was very important test for my mother because the the local council have agreed to build four hundred and fifty houses in the fields opposite talk family house and everybody said Oh the bloody who oh I feel for the about every been knocking on every door around yours get petitions going on yes him over that with a white long gloves darling Washington Cold Sarah Good Sarah from thirty two and so Sarah from I love that that you think we live in a house that has a number oh well she cows go oh yeah just give out the address darling it's just Hanson manner I can and do the best Williams Darling and Saturday from hunts and monitor I'm so sorry to knock on your door like common but I've I've heard that building four hundred yes stalling four hundred and fifty houses across the field from US would you like to sign my petition and please Dahlan can have a stiff if one I need a drink it's only August ten right so let's move on j James Williams President listened to the podcast I'm sorry I'm jokin actually caught wait to meet you wound up meeting team and I can't believe I've known that you moment that what does that says a lot about our friendship you keep me hidden away I'm like a secret boyfriend audio moving even know about me so if you want to help with something you can take y you can send your towns of trepidation to help my don't come rude you you can send out I can't believe they do know view do they I've never met them I don't right now on the edges I just worry what you'll say yeah but don't let what you say on might yeah but don't forget like when when we do the podcast I play update wind you all the time like you really don't really are like this in fact this is a sanitized tossed as I went to tell you I went to a little bit longer than what Williams like where have you been sorry I dropped the kids off also and you'll say that to my parents because you'll think hilarious and that you see you find it funny Sara sorry I just dropped kids off in downstairs downstairs Lou they don't tell you about two piston not trump darling come to notice darling trump trump darling get your mother never drank it's ten o'clock in the morning darling I WanNa meet my they love you because you brought them to show I talked about y'all tax darling it's so nice to meet you Jordan tally me whereabouts in the country are you from darling okay how's your week pinch has been really good actually I've been back home back home that's nice he's just a really good time your parents have moved yeah like you know just check the handgun yeah got stuff to do okay okay good didn't you get recognized on the train when you come back up North Oh yeah is in a peculiar way I'm GonNa say well it would have to be peculiar recognized you yeah it was really because I also think with with radio presenters when you recognize radio presenters mean I would say probably two thirds of the people that listen to you don't know what you line thank because radio yeah you have to actually have gone onto the website or follows you on a social media platform to no you look like and that third is automatically clean wit so for us to be recognized you all being recognized generally by Weirdos some of us that do t television it's relevant feel like we've changed as a sous he's got on always talk about Al how great career anymore officer this anyway but yes you got nine right first of all it's very what you said and when people see me for the first time they say they expect me to look like Ashley from Konate History got from this England fat really skinny and Ginger it was really weird so on the train speaking this lovely go and when you say go what she was sixteen sorry a lovely lady called Hannah she was titled Lady She's Lady Offer Oh I if I was next to a woman on the pitching train who had a dog with a call the dog the dog was called Noman is he sir Norman Norman Norman the dog she's actually a lovely lady she really nice and we were just chatting away about less than our intelligence I was reading reading my book and she was ready Tonight Volk and she said Oh you're at just look after Norman I said yeah sure and I looked hope on this pogo she'd gone a shade of white she was Paler than you you want to talk she looked like a ghost and I've seen it goes before a gay ghost ghost like k. and she she was shade of uh-huh set your eyes feel really sick and she can't travel quits but it was really busy we facing backwards well why did she sit there because there's Nova seats it's available okay so I had I went to shop and bought a bottle of water and it got some very kind of you got some keep the receipt bloody two pound hound up those balls of war and and you know those paper bikes they wanted you to six six hundred pounds overdrawn all those paper bags that they put you yes in the shop so it's not that and she started being in sick no given the wall and I should be sick she was like Avon's watching and I was like your eye she turns me mouth went oh my God he's your baby Oh yeah that's me yes you do lou itself as I after you've been sake yeah but it's not the first time I've been recognized that waist really yeah just before on weird look weird just before started working on said radio station England then how can how can I explain why I know this story I think you're about to say I had to go for a routine checkup a routine gene check hope and this specialist right east straight out Younis is not much older than me and I got that will make you could smalto he could tell you a nervous fellow bill so I'm talking to him I don't like making the most awkward small talk about the weather about the cycling in all this kind of thing that he says right in its papillon occur and I'm gonNA give you a prostate exam I said yeah that's fine totally fine he said just get you down to your knees and putting as t- chest I am that Canadian behind in the global literally like a fulfilled in this league and he's finger we still talk about impeaching cycling in the weekend all would smalto opens boom shake soon as he sticks his finger up it goes I agent radio at the weekend I went the joke an air lock down that these days I capability he's having a full on chat with me about radio one career while he's fingering me ours so what does the girl on the train it's the BBC and if you do guys have any problems get yourself checked out I was at the doctors over the summer and everything was fine it was I remember I was there and I I thought I was being recognized derived checked in went to the to the Lou and came out in this young ish guy came up to me uh-huh and when excuse me you will and I only here we go properly poku snow like one of ours and puff chess down yes yeah you've been cold because how dare he can try my name did I tell tell you what else told about me when is it not rocket fan dot com with my face on the bag yes basically at a car was examined local the name on the side of the car and it was in the gym anatomy I'd phones in this gill short do you work for them off off the I'm sweating me now you've left you break because rolling down literally finish Mr Foe Watson yourself you all have you ever had prostate takes them not sufficiently speaking of doctors and is it ever okay 'cause I do this all the time and way moves is that what okay to rip the pages of my no is out without permission mission of the of the receptionist thing I always say stuff magazine's knitting patterns I'm starting to mood board Oh I'm buying a house in the New Year are oh you why have you and I'm I'm talking about this later I'm starting a mood board for like I did some some medical and my interior on a sofa magazines ripped out a written out really loud noise and everybody waiting room we're looking the council Christmas with that I was going what was was the page it really inspiring a cellphone off from DFS the fabric leather fabric it was my skin like scandi style right yeah this woman Game Eagles giving me looks like a lot well so we all thanks thanks Linda Balka so anyway how how's your week been it's all about me Joe Weeping yes fine I guess what I went and so for the fourteenth time we've just been told you don't need to keep this bit long so he's going to be guess what I saw for the fourth time Mary pissing poppins Yes yes I am I was having a very bad day last week and I wasn't planning to see it and I was in town and walk past the print side with hr and I walked into space you happen to have any Stacy's returns and they said no but come back in a few hours we might do so I did and and and they did they had one so I bought it it's cheap and not telling you so not any and it it was it was in the stools let's put it that way and that's you know the Labor bitch about the seat I mean there could but it was pretty good and I found myself sitting next to Mary poppins mother this was the mother of the actress playing Mary poppins when I saw it the week before on its opening I have noticed that Mary during two scenes drinks tea from a teacup and had been holding a teacup with little finger extended which we don't do is we Do because as I think I have explained on this podcast before can you remember it's because they used to do it in the fridge olden days what was it the Court of Louis Fourteen fifteen sixteen and it meant that you had the club if you get drunk you take a little pinky oh P- yeah it was a code for saying I've got the KLOPP up you've got the club yeah we can have into 'cause well yeah you it was not polite to sleep someone without letting them know that you had syphilis so you put your little finger out when drinking tea at court of an evening the other school of thought because that particular strain of syphilis was so strong at the time it made your joints stiffen up so you physically couldn't wrap your fingers round so either way gets it's syphilis related so I was having chat with easy Stalin's mother and during the interval and we were chatting about one or two things and she said Oh some of the costs went shore if they they should be saying mammal mom and I said Oh it's definitely Ma'am and she don't we do not get things rights and at that point I thought well here is my opportunity Yep so I said I just point point one other thing out could you pass this along I don't think we want to syphilis Mary and I think we probably want the little finger touch and I explained to her and she was she was made all the right noises so very interesting when I go and see it next week to see if that fingers touching how can you go and see a show so I honestly got gingy visit stress how obsessed this Mondays

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