Food Neighbourhoods: Edinburgh, Leith


A few miles. North of Edinburgh's Old Town on the coast of the birth of fourth. You'll you'll find historic port of leaf. Area was made up of several medieval settlements which by eighteen thirty three had grown into a burr and in nineteen twenty that Burr was merged into editor. Lee has quite the history. It was Scotland's main ports of trade and was the final stopping point of the Royal Yacht Britannia. And if that doesn't ring a bell maybe this will choose good health look cholesterol and dental insurance. Choose fixed interest mortgage repayments choose. I just thought it was the site of the old leaf station. Gave Birth to the title of Irvine. Welsh's novel trainspotting. Lead has more recently become one of Scotland's hottest food destinations traditional pubs fantastic food markets. Lead has something and for everyone and feeling a little more fancy. It's worth mentioning that. It's also home to a handful of Mitchum starred restaurants Scottish menswear menswear designer was born and bred in Edinburgh and today overlooking the water of Leith. You'll find his flagship store at custom lane is also casting and his wife. Gemma brand directive cast in hair call home leaf for us as a really lead by area. And it's a really good sense of a creative community that doesn't really exist elsewhere. In Edinburgh on I think that there is a level All of collaborative economy in customs. Wharf where you've got lots of different studios from lots of different disciplines which we can tap into which is really important for us. We've got photographers before graphic designers. There's jewelry makers architects so it makes for a really interesting dates day experience and you get pulled into lots of different projects acts that can enrich the whole the whole vibe so from a food. Point of view was really pioneering particularly within the high level Mitchell and star level with them. Food Leaf has always had sort of. It'd be more Mitchell and stars in any square mile in the country than it has been previously ICU with Castanon Jr and and to get the inside Info on leads top food and drink hot spots. And we're better place to start with breakfast. I think for for me it it's an everyday Place to go but definitely Bros bagels. I think on lethal walk. They they've been around nine maybe about a year. They've saw set themselves up at the sleepwalk which is really been a pretty bold move because it's been quite a kind of color full area going in there one of the first progressive food retailers really going. Mr They've always got a selection of probably maybe about ten different types of beagles. The E can pick from with all their different fillings. And it just delivers every time. Yeah you know. If you've AH ten minutes to get Beagle have not about better. Yeah Okay and then I wanNA smoke lunch. Where you'RE GONNA IF WE'RE GONNA quickly to nip how we probably we probably and Commons? They have an amazing onsite bakery. So it's always smells great and the sourdough bread is perfect and you can pick up. Take your breakfast I the next day. They do really good who pastries and sandwiches and soups. But if we're taking clients I there's some place called the shore which is an old school leaf beef establishment. It's slightly art deco inside. It's a really beautiful bar and kind of smooth mirrors and then you can have a really nice. Does beautiful fish sughrue fish restaurants along along. The waterfront starts with fishers. And then there's the shore and ship and kings wore when they're they're all really really great fish restaurants fishing japes leaf has got one of the best fish and chip restaurants in probably Scotland. It's called the new haven fish market on generally at key there for an hour in the summer chips and then coming into dinnertime. Where would you go for more laid back than a little favor of ours? The shafts are young. There's a love entrepreneurial. Young shafts are delivering amazing modern Scottish cuisine and I think they do a lot foraging. They've got low bar and quite often. When you're walkin there you can see what Lebron foraging origin? Four place on the bar. It's a really nice intimate experience. Bara is another one. That's literally just over. The water are really dynamic. Husband and wife you who they just you know when you can tell them their heart and soul into it and it's nice to go somewhere has set many but that it doesn't feel stuffy. There's new white tablecloths but there's really nice are on the walls there's good music play is a good atmosphere and the feed is really exciting. And it's actually very good value for money shifts would come from the Martin wishaw Autom- kitchen the training of these places. All they've been you know the Venus Scandinavia and working with or come back to you know. Add Marin started up their own restaurants in in small affordable places in Iran leaf. And I suppose that's the great thing about leaf it's been you know affordable for people to come in and and whether it's startups in in restaurants or in menswear or whatever is given a home in an incubator to showcase the best of en route can do do and then once you've lied to stomachs going get some drinks. Let's start off maybe with just sort of an old fashioned goodall pint buys your a favorite baiser Lee is really good for old fashioned boozers. And it's almost like the fish restaurants that this run along the waterfront nobles is probably one of the most famous ones. It's probably got some real stories to tell the history of the years you know particularly when the sailors were coming in here to darker think There's been in a few few stories told in some of these boozers. Sophie's another great boozer rose. Leaf is a is kind of almost I suppose our our local. Um I'm who also do great great from pub food the dreadnought is also quite like going to the treading on when we moved up here. I find it difficult to find a proper purpose. That wasn't just an old man's Poppin dreadnought really laid back by an which we really like clearly has a low competition your favorite boozers. If you want a glass of wine where you're GONNA go. I really liked the shore. Just feels I think. Because it's quite art deco in there and it's it's very atmospheric. It just feels really relaxed taxed. That's probably for me my favorite for glass of wine. You know some of the good restaurants like the Chop House of Great Barr beside them which is maybe a little bit more like a wine bar or kitchen kitchen restaurant and bar there as well? It's worth mentioning that you don't fancy the key see for a Bagel or dressing up for Mitcham Star. Dinner lethal also has a pretty spectacular food market called the pit and was never really had a kind of food market is such so started in effectively car park in with a garage next door to a and a couple of guys who had trucks maybe had restaurants and tyrone came down and just started up doing great food at really good prices and and then live music then started up by people guitars or saying kind of spawned into whole whole kind of music program and you know many better places for people to go in on a on a Saturday in the pit and the monarchial Cairn Banerjee and what better way to play now than with the track by Scottish music legends the proclaim. There's no awards here for guessing. What inspired this track his sunshine only

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