A Vote on Impeachment


You know I think for dancy and first shift and again it's so problematic it's a political issue when you have that it is a a bipartisan vote not to impeach the president and what it shows is that it shows up for the last three or four weeks the Democrats have been running this rogue process where they've given Adam Schiff so much power in the intelligence committee not even in the Judiciary Committee word should reside and that at the end of the day there is no crime it is there is no crime and the fact is the president's been incredibly transparent and it just shows that these Democrats have been obsessed with the president hating him from day one and we all know what their political playbook words which was to impeach the president yeah ABS absolutely but I guess is so it's only as he is a good thing that what they've done because now they're saying it's going to be public but we know that I'm shift can take what he wants behind closed doors so is this a good thing or bad let me go through this vote so for the impeachment of of Richard Nixon they got four hundred and ten votes and Democrats in an overwhelming house Majority that's how serious the Richard Nixon's crimes were at the very beginning of the process four hundred ten votes folks for Bill Clinton it was over three hundred sixty if it was three hundred sixty three votes that lots of Democrats voted for because bill Clinton's meat to crimes were serious so you know the idea that they couldn't get any Republicans to vote for this this shows you what a scam this is nineteen minutes after the president was elected on election night mercy are actually at the party of the New York City on election night what a crazy night nineteen minutes after the man's to clear the president Democrats are already going on the national ways and saying this is an illegitimate president he didn't win legitimately they accused him of not being legitimate when he said he would say that Hillary wasn't going to be the legitimate press this is a scam and here's the thing for Democrats if they think that bill that it's wrong to leverage foreign countries over the foreign aid we give which we probably shouldn't be giving them yeah if we can't leverage them to stop corruption what is it for a second of all if you want to impeach Donald Trump for leveraging the governor if you crave I'm sorry Democrats then you have to say that Biden should have been impeached too because he leverage them on national television yeah to help his son so they're in a hell of a pickle brother power junkies they're chasing their next hi there like they need the power back Mercedes Slappy at being on the front campaign when we talk about impeachment all this energy around we're gonna be struck how good has that been for the trump campaign fundraising it's been spectacular the president mentioned he did an interview with Washington examiner where he said this is energized my base I mean we've been able to raise millions of dollars just even from small donors because they're so mad yeah they're so mad that the Democrats would spend more time I was asking for subpoenas and they are packed in acting laws everything about it six subpoenas and they've only on active on laws that's insane it's a do nothing Democrats it's a do nothing Congress it's why we need to reach yeah the integrity in Congress every time it comes back every time Adam Schiff stepped up to the microphone you're saying the truck giving like printing cash that is absolutely right so Adam should should just go up with the T. shirt that says on each tribe and then the base and our young guys could call madam ship all you want but yet some of these guys are was our old like me and I remember don Knotts I see Adam Schiff I see eighty Griffin side I'm sorry but he are okay they all do here's here's the thing he's running the intelligence committee you know what that their job is is to look at the sensitive national security questions to protect us and instead of doing that this committee is doing the job of the Judiciary Committee which basically means the Democrats could care less about our

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