Lady Gaga set to star in Ridley Scott's Gucci family murder film


Now god yeah has popped up in the movie land again she's landed her next role as she did so well in a star is born she's going to star in an upcoming film from Ridley Scott about the Gucci family member the Gucci Gucci Gucci Gucci in the gritty brand still big I'll yeah yeah god has got to play by treat C. R. IDG I'm ray JI on me with the ex wife moma read CO Gucci who is driving a big hit of organizing her ex-husband's assassination thank served eighteen years in jail right now yes good deal I think this is like a really interesting story yeah memories here I do daughters with that for three D. average yeah and he left his when your dog say the name right now all right do you have any see they had a brain tumor removed her children blinded for her actions the media took a darker view of her during the affair depicting her as a hot blooded woman scorned endeavoring are now Black Widow the twenty nine years got out of jail eighteen years later who's that that badly likes the idea of this movie that was a huge **** off and a really good so the book the movie is based on the book by Serra gave Fortin the house of Gucci a sensational story of murder madness grammar and green Geiger's playing patriot C. R. A. G. on

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