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Senior a inducted jane into her social circle of artists and intellectuals who more often than not met at her montanes tiny apartments on the ill delisted today in the center of the sun but all was not lost in translation in the paris of 1963 jane fonda seemed to make more sense as a style ikonen sex symbol then she had a new yorker hollywood previously this had less to do with the movie she had come to paris to make which went into production without a finished script and never quite found its footing them with a splash jane made as the american in paris duscher though local culture was primed by gene seeberg to pounce on jane as the new academy of american purity come cool to the french the fond as whereas much of a glamorous american dynasty as the kennedys maybe even better because they were actual movie stars jane was almost immediately put on the cover of caved cinema much of the french media compared her debare joe even though jane at this point was hardly a bombshell in fact aside from her natural beauty and the thin frame she worked so hard to maintain she had yet to come into her own as a sex symbol so far she had still played nothing but the deeply compromised having it both ways fictional females of hollywood movies of the 1960s while making joy house jane had a brief affair with her costar elaine delong breaking him up with his longtime girlfriend actress romi schneider back in the state's confidential magazine ran on their march nineteen 64 cover a story about the quote mary mix up that made hollywood flip in which they noted that schneider had been seen on dates in new york with henry fonda a year earlier.

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