Googles conference also very similar names called google next


Sure and and it was fun because uh i was at googles conference also very similar names called google next google cloud next which i think it was marcher so this year so a dot next we got to see diane green again onstage talking with the folks at new tanic's and this was more about of i mean these are direct quotes or anything but kind of admission that you look at microsoft keen to look at amazon they've made forays into the enterprise microsoft obviously has a lot of traction and stickiness in the enterprise good that's been their target demographic for quite some time you know even back in the bomber days developers developers all i got a jazz so microsoft this is you know they're red butter aws has at least discovered that hate is a channel out there they need to work with them to start getting into these named accounts these are geno prizes google we talked about it a bit at the next show back in earlier this year that they don't really have a strong way to penetrate the enterprise to make those relationships happen and utanics obviously is very focused on that particular segment of the market and the various verticals that are within that and so they're looking at potentially that the partnership from my perspective to strategically target those accounts and take away that you've already all these customers running it antics anyways they're looking to consume public resources that's hard and so perhaps if the two of the partner up they can make that easier yes that that is very much how i see it in that gogel is been great over the years and building new technology and bringing the technology to the market in a way that's like look at this cool thing we built.

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