This movie would be nine to five


And even if she was ram bracing something akin to the sex kitten image that men had liked in the 1960s in 1982 a fortysomething sex kitten was still pretty radical ultimately jane's reinvention as a fitness guru was absolutely a victory of commerce but there was an arc to it too then it was nothing if not political she was sending women the message that by taking control of their bodies by becoming physically strong by taking thirty minutes a day for themselves they could take control of their lives this is a kind of feminism it may not have looked the same as jane's 1970s feminism but because it wasn't on its surface offensive two men it afforded her more power at speaking engagements around this time jane would tease the crowds that her next movie would be a feminist revenge fantasy about rebellious secretaries this movie would be nine to five and it would be the biggest commercial success jane had a hand in during this period when jayme first had the idea for nine to five she personally met with dozens of secretaries to hear their stories of gender imbalance in the workplace and she hired a woman named patricia resnick who had worked for robert altman to go undercover as a corporate secretary in the name of research there could not be long for the project which was always intended as a big studio film jane wasn't going for altman ask naturalism nine to five was intended as a feminist statement wrapped in an entirely commercial wacky comedy package as that package took shape with lily tomlin as a no bullshit office manager and with singer and first time actress dolly parton as a sweet bombshell at the mercy of her jerk boss jane's part that of a woman forced into the workforce by a divorce.

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