Mythbusting Multitasking


All right. I've been hitting the gym. I'm back in the gym it. It's time to get this lazy ass body doing something. That's really going to make a difference and I've started the gym now. It's been about two weeks now so I've gone every day except for two days now. One of the things I like to do is I used to be an avid runner. Now I'm not talking. Ultra Marathon Lake Gauguin's or anything like that. I used to run. I'd run on average five to seven K every few you days or whatnot. It's kind of interesting because I got back on the good old treadmill there and I started out started out running. And I did a whopping eight minutes st eight minutes. Can you believe it aide whole minutes. It's on the treadmill. Yeah kind of laughed at myself because that was a far far contrast from what I used to do. Now I've been running every day. I start out every single. Dale Walk for a couple of minutes. It's just to get the body all limbered up and everything will start running. I notice I went from eight minutes up to twelve minutes up to fourteen minutes and then I had this little barrier that I put in place for my mind I could do twelve minutes. I do fourteen minutes no problem. It was easy simple for me but every time I tried. There's that word you all know that. I can't stand that word every time I tried to do more more that block that barrier would come up and it would stop me for moving ahead. Well something pretty amazing happened this morning. I want to share it all with you because it's so relevant for all all of us. I'm not just celebrating my own accomplishment this morning here I want to paint the picture of what's possible for each and any one of us to be able to remember I am not that ultramarathons Kamera thon guy so here. I am rocking out this morning. I hit the fourteen minute mark and something different happens. Something changes morning. I could keep going so I did. And what's interesting is I set myself small little piece of small little things to focus on. Okay if I can do fifteen minutes. Can I get to seventeen. My logic in my mind was five. Do Seventeen. That's Fifteenth Fifteen street minutes of running. Plus my two minute warmup. Yeah that's pretty good. I hit seventeen and I was still get to go. I kept doing that until thirty two minutes. meaning that I I had my two minute warm up and I ran straight for thirty minutes now for all you marathon saute. This is no big deal for you. It's like whoopy-doo the guy ran thirty minutes. But for me this guy that's basically been outta shape. It was an accomplishment this morning. What I'm seeing? Here's it each and every one of us can do this. It takes commitment. It takes perseverance. And it takes jake setting up a different standard in our mind. Remember what my old standard used to be it used to be. You can get to fourteen minutes. I could get to sixty minutes and I'm done. I'm tapping I'm finished. It's all I got guess. What a whole lot more than my tank? I didn't do anything different. It's not like I had a bunch of extra arrest or anything. I just got off my ass this morning hopped on that treadmill and I fucking crushed crushed. It crushed it from me. What's great is you can do this? Take this it's a bit of a mindset thing do what I did is I set small little milestones. Okay if I can hit seventeen eighteen minutes can I hit twenty minutes. Can I hit twenty two. Can I hit twenty six. Can I hit twenty. Can I hit thirty. I set myself up small little milestones and I believe that I could do it so enough of my accomplishment though something. I'm really proud of but enough about that. Let's get into the myth of multitasking. What the Hell is this whole idea of multitasking? Well well the idea of multitasking is that we can do multiple things at a time. I'm here to tell you. That's a bunch of absolute bullshit. Now where I use this where he uses in particular Taylor in my business. Coaching is when I'm working with managers. We've all heard the old story of the open door policy. Yeah just come on in anytime no problem I can help you and and we'll I think it's great to be able to build that beautiful report with all your people that work with you that work for you when it's time to do some work when it's time to take on the tasks that require that focus. This is when we have to close that door because we can do one thing at a time really great. We were never meant to do multiple things at a time and for myself. I've really recognized the most I can do. Is One thing I can chew gum and walk. Hey if that's multitasking. Then I guess I'm rocking it out but what I'm here to say as we. We can do multiple things when I'm coaching right. When I'm working with clients I'm not sitting there scrolling through facebook feeds and this and that why because I don't have the capacity for that when I'm doing in my one thing and I'm doing it really great and I'm crushing it? I'm getting all the results and guess what I'm saving time. See the idea that we can do multiple things. It actually takes takes US longer right. Yeah I can multitask. Here's the thing though your brain has to shift thought processes rate sitting in planning out a budget versus going and you oh speaking to an employee that comes in and whatnot. You have to interrupt that one task. That budgeting mindset and you have to shift that mindset into something else now lots of practice you can do it fairly effortlessly heartlessly. But they're still a time loss where we make up that time and where we give ourselves out time back is when we focus on that one thing that we can do really great the idea for this podcast. It came this morning I was running on treadmills. I was cranking and I'm like oh I've got to capture this. I've got one of those minds if I don't write it down if I don't capture it right away poof. It's gone on. I didn't want to lose it this morning. So here I tried the whole myth of multitask. So here I am. I'm running away. I'm grabbing the phone and I have to capture this right. I have to capture the title for this podcast. What I'm going to speak about today so I'm trying to type I'm running? I'm half fallen off this treadmill. I'm sure if anyone was looking at me they'd have got a good chuckle out of it. See even on that. We can't multitask not task. We can do one thing really great really quickly really efficiently. Take some time for yourself to say. What is it that I have have to do? I can tell you the reason I bring. This up is because people where they struggle were they have. Some of their biggest challenges is when they're trying to manage multiple tasks all at once. So so. You can't do it what you can do that one thing really great. This is where I tie it into scheduling scheduling in that task. That you have to do that. You have to to get behind so that when the time comes to crush it when the time comes to absolutely give it your all and get the task done on time on budget with everything you need to all it takes to get it done on is to focus in on that one thing. Stop Telling Yourself that myth that we can do multiple things at once we can do one thing really great. Give yourself a gift because it it really is a gift it's GonNa Save you time. It's going to increase your productivity. You're going to get a hell of a lot more done when you focus in on that one thing the idea of multitasking asking you know what recycle that idea get it out. Transform that energy into something that's GonNa help you focus in on that one thing right as we all know about energy it can neither be created nor destroyed only transformed. And this is what we're looking to do with that. Stop worrying about trying. There's that word stop worrying about trying to multitask and instead focus in on that one thing that you're doing right now. The benefits re permit are amazing. You'll get so much more done you'll be so much. More are productive and intern. You'll be so much happier managers. It's okay to close that door if you're focusing on something that requires all your attention. Take it utilize utilize that utilize that moment utilize that time. You will be extremely happy that you did. You're gonNA get more done. Focus in on that one thing.

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