Jen and Brad Hug at the SAG Awards


Pitt and Jennifer Aniston reunited. Yeah I did last night at the awards and it was actually insane. First of all Brad gave this amazing speech like in one single breath. He managed to talk about about Quentin Tarantino's foot fetish also bringing up the fact that he likes his character in once upon a time in Hollywood didn't quote get on with his wife and quote. A lot of people are saying this was his way of bringing up his recent marital problems with X. Angelina Jolie I mean yeah obviously fleet. It's also extra loaded. Because Jen Aniston was in the audience looking like happy for him and and and just like beaming kind of maybe. I'm reading too much into that. But there are pictures to prove it. I'M GONNA oppose the receipts to the INSTAGRAM. Follow us at celebrity to follow along with the visual aid for this story anyway. He gave that speech which I highly recommend you watch the full video of and after he won. Jen Aniston ended up winning her award for her role in morning show while she was giving her acceptance speech. Broad was photographed photographed watching it backstage on monitor like longingly. After she finished her speech she came backstage. And the two X.'s. Are you ready. Are you ready for this. Are you sitting down the two axes hugged folks. They hugged and and you need to just look At the picture of them hugging. I can't describe it better than just you looking at it because famously pictures are worth a thousand words you know. That's what they say and this picture is well. I mean the chemistry is just. It's too much I can't I can't handle I think the entire world's heart stopped beating for a second when we all saw that picture. Anyway after the Hug Jen pulled holdaway and made like this face that kind of looked like she was saying. Oh my God we did not just do that. It's kind of like a grimace anyway. She walked off and then brad grabs her hand holzer. Like don't go. Don't leave me you. I love this so much. I can't wait for like every CELEB- gossip website to like call in their body language experts. Don't you love when like an article. Has referenced a body language expert. I'd love to go to Grad School and get my degree in body language expertise. I'd make so much money anyway. Does this mean Brandon Jenner back together. Of course not no probably not. But AH maybe maybe. Like come on broaden John I know you're listening to Celeb- news ride home. Just do it. Just get back together. It'd be so funny see. We're all happy it's so funny just do it come on just do it. Just it'd be a funny bit. Just try it. Just get back

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