Jason Garrett joins Giants as new offensive coordinator


Yeah I got a new job Jerry Jones is right he told us that Jason Garrett will be coaching in the NFL come next season and in fact he will be doing just that he's been hired by Joe judge and the New York Giants to be there all offensive coordinator we had a great day together you know you know I didn't know Joe real well been around about a couple different occasions I good conversations with them really good football conversations and now he and I know a lot of the same people I work for coach saving you work for coach David coaches always said such great things about Jo and so many other people that he's been around that I've been around said the same thing Jason Garrett on the giants in the huddle podcast and he was eager to make comments right away I'm happy for him I think as much as the Dallas Cowboys needed a fresh start and they're thrilled about their new head coach Mike McCarthy Jason Garrett needed something fresh and new as well I I tease the bunch up before that the cowboys actually made the announcement but my hash tag was free Jason Garrett let him go do something else let him go work in a different capacity although it is interesting right that he stays in the NFC east I thought the board to be really humorous why the giants though that was the question that he was that's right off the top just a first class organization and you you think about the history and tradition the New York Giants franchise in and what the merits of build the what the tissues of bill and all the great teams all the great coaches all the great players will get a part of this organization throughout its history and you know when you're playing this organization like I was four years you feel that Jason Garrett the new offense of coordinator who gets to work with none other than Daniel Jones interesting to hear what giants fans think about having chasing gear at again with inside the organization now jump to their often through coordinator spot where he was so maligned even after callin more to go over the plate calling full painting all the often whoa that lets is beyond as the the Dallas Cowboys had a really good off into season that was not the reason why they didn't end up by winning the end of season getting back to the playoffs in the stats for Jack NZ Kelly it don't tell you the whole story but their office of numbers were better than a good portion of what we saw from the yeah the rest of the NFL Jack was over four thousand yards as the Ellie and continues to do what it is that he's paid to do and yet still a lot of people pointing to Jason Garrett because the often didn't do enough well now here is going to be working with the second year quarterback in New York in Daniel Jones I want to start by and really what Joe said and in its introductory press conference you know I have an outsider's perspective on the giant a great respect for the organization great respect for the players on the team that would compete against but again it's it's coming from the outside I can't wait to get on the inside and and start to work with some of these guys and you know you mentioned Daniel Jones we thought a lot of coming out of college we weren't in the market for a quarterback it in the first round the year that he came out at the same time you go through that evaluation process and you know anybody who was around him in our organization with the cowboys just thought the world of does it sound excited I mean for sure most of the questions that he's been answering over the past few months a bit about his job status and about why the cowboys were under achieving but still he felt rejuvenated yes like he's really looking forward to this

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