The Zimbabwean Mastermind: Paul Le Roux



In early two thousand nine thirty. Six Year Old Paul Roux was just beginning to branch out from pharmaceuticals into into more ambitious criminal. Ventures larue was high on his own power but he was also getting paranoid. That paranoia was making him distrust. Trust even is most seasoned employees like Call Center Manager Moran Oz as had no idea that he'd somehow run afoul of Larue. In fact all signs pointed to Larue liking him after ause arrived in Manila larue drove him out to the coast in his own. BMW AM W on the way they stopped at McDonald's for breakfast. Oz knew that larue was a rich man but he wasn't surprised by the breakfast choice. In in fact is was more surprised that larue actually treated him usually win. Larousse employees met him at restaurants he would only order food for himself so their next stop was the Subic Bay Yacht Club where larue paid in advance for houses hotel room. Oz would stay here overnight tonight and then meet the other employees as he headed out to the island of Seibu. The next morning is entered his hotel room that afternoon feeling buoyant. Not only was his boss having him oversee and expansion of his company are limited but he was finally treating is like a peer paying for his food in high end lodging of course as was wrong the entire story about building an Rx limited call center in Sibu had been in a trap now as was in the open ocean with a rifle pointed at him. After a few seconds of gunfire fire. Oz took a breath of relief. He wasn't hit a voice from ondeck shouted down at him. That was to frighten off the sharks. Don't think think I missed the next time will be for you. Dave Smith the talkative British man finally relaid Larousse orders from the satellite phone. When he told is confess and will kill you? Keep denying it and will wound you and leave you to the sharks. Your choice is wracked his brain. What could he possibly need to confess to? He insisted that he done nothing wrong. He hadn't stolen Dolan from the company he would never do anything without Larousse permission. Smith said something into the satellite phone Struggled to stay afloat while larue rude determined his fate after a few more tense moments. One of the muscular men climbed down the yachts ladder. And pulled is back on board is never knew what Larue said on the other end of that phone. Perhaps he only meant to scare him that day or perhaps as had managed managed to talk his way into a stay of execution when Smith brought is back to Subic Bay Yacht club he left him with one final warning. He said we are like an octopus. We have tentacles all over the world. You need to understand that we can reach you everywhere aware. Even in Israel you are not safe anywhere. The following day larue picked up is to bring him back to Manila as got into the car hesitantly. He didn't know what to expect from his volatile boss but his ride with Larue was his only way back home to Israel Summoned the courage to ask why he'd been taken hostage and tortured larue shrugged. He claimed to know nothing about the incident but he also showed no signs of surprise or concern. Instead he told is that he couldn't be held responsible for what is partners might do he said you. Don't want to deal with these guys. They will find you do whatever they say this. This was emblematic of how larue like to handle as business. He rarely solved problems personally. Preferring to issue commands from his phone or laptop up he controlled the action from afar like he was playing a video game like he was God larue also like to use mixed signals and subterfuge fused to keep his employees off balance. No single person ever knew how their role fit into the larger operation and they never knew how larue through really felt about them lose. Employees were doing a wide variety of work all over the world from fielding customer service calls in Israel L. Transporting gold in the Congo to scouting real estate in the Philippines to assembling a militia in Somalia but despite their different skill assets. They all had similar impressions of their mysterious boss. One of Larousse. fixers tim them back as best described Larue as a constant threatening threatening presence he said it was almost like the guy never slept and you never knew which personality you get on the other end when he called he never said who he was but you knew it was him sometimes calm and other times irate and most of the time you never even knew why when Larousse employees finally met him. They didn't know what to expect because there were no photos of him on the Internet but the first thing they noticed was his size is he was white about six feet tall with an enormous girth. The source of Laura's girth wasn't a mystery. He was known to favour fast. Food food like Domino's McDonalds at his desk rather than going out to eat a steak in most aspects of life he prioritized efficiency over quality. He usually dressed in a T.. Shirt cargo shorts and flip flops. The effect was disarming. One employee said nobody has ever thought the the first time they met him that he runs global criminal Empire Larousse accommodation's reflected that as well. He owned a series of high. End condos in Manila Hilla. But all of them were mostly unfurnished aside from couch bid and television but they ran up unusually high electricity bills. That's that's because of course he was constantly running fleets of servers. We're larue was casual about his home and clothing he. He was obsessive about his computer setup. He worked off an ancient laptop operating Microsoft software over ten years. Old sounds announce counter intuitive but he preferred this setup because he was able to fully encrypt the entire hard drive the moment he closed the lid of the laptop laptop the contents would be unreachable by any outsider. Programming and encryption had preoccupied larue since his youth in fact act computers were his. I love Paul was born on December. Twenty Fourth Nineteen Seventy two in Bulawayo Rhodesia Asia today known as Zimbabwe as a child a relative said that larue quote was fought over. Everyone wanted him. Our grandparents grandparents worship the ground. He walked on when he was a teenager. Larousse family moved to South Africa in search of better education larue resented and having to learn Afrikaans. The local language spoken in school. He felt superior to his classmates referring to them as halfwits and and morons his elevation came in his first computer. As soon as Laura realized he could build entire worlds in code worlds were governed by his rules he was hooked. One of Larousse Cousins Remembers Teenage Larue as quote completely antisocial Dole. Every time we went there he was always hold up in his room. I remember going in and seeing lines and lines of numbers on the screen and it didn't take Kim long at all to figure out how coating could start bringing in money illegally of course in nineteen eighty nine. The police leased showed up at Laura's Johannesburg home and arrested the sixteen year old for selling pornography in these early days before the Internet it appeared heared larue had revolutionized pornography distribution by going digital but the specifics to his operation. Remain Murky to this day. What we do know for sure was that Paul's parents were appalled but he himself just laughed? When Larue retold this story with with a plumbing pride he would recall how silly the entire situation seemed to him? Everyone would have praised him if he'd found a new method of selling books or Lennon's all this fuss just because his commodity was porn chip as long as Larue was making money. He didn't care what he was selling and even as a teenager he didn't care about breaking the law he didn't care about exploiting others later on that instinct would have disastrous stress results. Not just for larue himself. But also for his employees and the entire country of the United States

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