The Super Bowl is streaming in 4K HDR for the first time

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Actually. There was a big brouhaha mentioned at the top of the hour We talked last week about the fact that you'd be able to watch streaming and one of the best ways he's to watch it would be of course on your four K.. HDR TV and if you had a Roku one of the high end Roku is you'd be able to watch except then all of a sudden two days ago. Oh Roku said we're going to delete all the Fox APPs midnight January thirty first last night right because they're they're carriage retransmission contract ran out the day now it seems to me like It would be a shame. If you're you're fans was not able to watch the the super bowl on the Roku. Whose idea was this? We know I don't know. They made an agreement by the way. If it hit me because this was was how I was going to watch it I have a Roku ultra. I put the Fox sports APP on it at all. Set up signed in my four K.. TV and it's going to be the you know the kind of back in the background TV because we have right. It's going to be the shampoo it is. It's the champagne room you'll be here her. This is the first year that the Super Bowl is going to be shown in four K.. And more importantly hd are high dynamic and maybe even more importantly sixty frames second correct correct. Correct that's more important than the number of pixels on the screen. I agree with you. One hundred percent will will that. Will I get sixty P on on Roku. Yeah absolutely absolutely all right absolutely and at here we are at the last instant they finally signed a deal and boss shock and it'd be on Roku so much we've seen this happened with dish Direct TV where they say. Well sorry you don't get any more. ESPN so this is like a part of the negotiation. Now it and I feel like we are the pawns. Yup dinosaurs are battling get out of their way. 'CAUSE YOU'RE GONNA step on. You feels so abusive of my relationship with my provider Well I want to tell you that Roku okay. Who isn't the only option yeah? TV fire. TV No no now I want to make this very clear. A lot of places. You can get four K.. But not necessarily HD are which apple TV News Yeah Apple TV. No dish satellite. No get four K.. But not HDR HDR how about Comcast Xfinity X.. One supposedly has four K four K. But I don't I have not yet been able to determine whether it's got HDR Dr An xbox one. I don't know Android TV. I don't know I haven't Invidia Shield in fact I know Mike who joins us every week in the chat room to talk out this stuff. Stuff your colleague. He said he's going to compare the INVIDIA shield. which has its own upscaling It's a upscaling with uh-huh I love how they just paint everything with as if I know I know better. It's not. It's obviously when it used to be the word. Quantum used the thing that made everything better. But he's going to compare that to the upscaling. Fox's GonNa do you pre- sending it out that's right ten eighty p. Here's another thing it's being shot at ten. Eighty P and Fox's upscaling into four K now they're using professional upscaling gear. So it's GonNa be very very good but I read somewhere. I read in one of the Couple articles one in Digital trends that I recommend Caleb Dennis and another colleague friend of mine is is in Miami Miami covering the technology that they're using this year for the first time would i. I could have done that. I know me too. I got listeners enters. What anyway he interviewed some of the Fox people who said they're shooting at at ten p sixty frames per second because shooting shooting at four K sixty actually causes more motion artifact and so actually shooting? ADP and upscaling makes makes exit. Look better okay. I'll buy that. Yeah and they're capturing and high high dynamic range and a format called H. L. G. which is format used by BBC or developed by BBC and an H K in Japan for use in live broadcast. And it's actually going to be available in H. L. G. on the Fubo. TV APP is another APP. I WANNA make sure everybody understands. It's a subscription service. You pay fifty five bucks a a month. I think which is a lot but they give you a free week's trial so if you WANNA watch the super bowl on Fubo Kubo. TV sign up. And then you know then cancel but they are gonNA show it in H. L. G.. Everybody else who's showing it in a high dynamic range she's GonNa be converting the H. L. G. TO HDR ten which is a more common format more TV support that than H G most. TV's maters that might be why Wii Apple TV and some of these other boxes aren't doing the HDR. They can't somehow for some for some technically. Because I mean apple. TV does HDR watch arrest whereas all the time correct. That's right so some reason. They can't do the live stream right and I don't know being sent to them. It's being sent in a way that they can coach Dakotas yeah but direct. TV Channel One. Oh five apparently is GONNA do. HDR So if you have direct TV you'll be able to see it that I can go Find out you know. I haven't been doing it and there's lots of adult. There's a lot of articles on it. And there's not any real consistent information and I've been very frustrated by that which is why I've spent a lot of time putting together sort of a list here Before we run out of time I WANNA make sure that everybody knows that there are some TV TV deals now as there always are before super bowl Sunday and you only have one day left but if you're still looking for a TV deal. I got a few for you good because you may they say hey I really wanna see this. That's right The lowest price. Now there's plenty of them TV's that I don't recommend 'cause they're edge LID or they're just not very good The TCL fifty five or six seventeen the six series. TCL is five hundred dollars on Amazon and Walmart. Five fifty five inch sixty five inch for seven seven seven hundred bucks Video P Q sixty five. That's a sixty five thousand bucks a Samsung Sixty five q seventy see for twelve hundred on Amazon. LG Fifty five inch c-9 lead for fifteen hundred bucks. That's that's a hell of a deal the seen as a very good That's that's the one I have. I've I've a twenty seven or six I but it it's it's from two thousand sixteen. That's the fifty.

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