Miss Mercy Shares Stories From Her Days in the GTOs


Is my second bout with Ms Mercy here on Pamela Durbars podcast and we're GonNa talk about some things. We didn't get to talk talk about last time we Manley spoke about the GTO's last time. Okay and so this time I WanNa talk about you know your history you know when did did you start getting into rock and roll in a huge way. My mother was into it in the fifties. She was had all sun records and just traveling because my father was a gambler and he was always GonNa Cement. Shoes promised to anyway cement shoes for those of you. I didn't quite understand that. Cement shoes promised to him gambling money so we were every race. Track was all all over from Florida to Dallas Seattle to San Mateo. I keep going back to wherever there's always a race track right there here you know and I would hear all sorts of music actually country roots and blues things and all that stuff. It wasn't even Rockin roller who is basically music all kinds of all kinds all kinds. But but when you even that terrible stuff that that awful stoplight lords as well okay. That was pretty awful. Really terrible parade are your hip. Parade wasn't too bad. There was some decent recent things on that. Name me one why. How much is that Doggie in the window? That's how much you say it. It was cute okay. She doesn't like it. Okay so I'm GonNa try to hear walking the dog saying you I know you would. That was a good segue mercy from Doggie in the window to walk in the dog. CRIPES say Segue segue way. What does that mean like? I know what it means. Okay okay so when you were like fifteen years or so though. Oh something changed right now. Twelve twelve twelve. What happened at twelve? Tammy show how was Tammy show. We're about fifteen. That's why Taylor penelas very confused about my life because at fifteen hours all also in Haight Ashbury. Yeah I was almost in Haight Ashbury. It must have been the end of fifty okay and ms been the beginning of fifteen came out yes the AM. I it's A. It's a American music. I don't know what it all means. Either maize show. Ed blended all blit everybody from this stones. The animals Jan and Dean on their actually on their sidewalk surfing was really skateboard. report that there were hosting. Yep were it's an incredible show you can find. James Brown was so great on that. Show that the stones than even WanNa follow him they had so many people on that show is just. I don't even know how it was allowed to get out. Because it was an interracial thing and at that time things were very racial. Yeah yeah I know it's a very important thing and I remember it real well too of course because I was a stone's freak of course yes We spoke a lot about them on the last time. We had this wonderful experience together. Yes we did so after that. Okay when when did you actually decide. Okay I WANNA meet the people playing this music. God It just so you know there was Tom Donahue Kyi anyway. is ever Cisco well. Here's just always in San Mateo okay. But the bow Brembos came down so I wanna the followed them and and and also you have to realize it. Tom Donahue started of FM radio. Oh he didn't he's inventor of FM radio and he was your favorite Dj. Ajay listen to law now so I was Casal at the same time they were friends. Wow I was not so but okay. What made you know people always want to know what is a groupie really? And how does it begin Groupie so for some reason you decided. Okay I'm going to meet the Beau Brummel 's I mean well actually. I did decide that they actually walked into a restaurant. While he's there is my mother at the mall and they're they came walking in. Yeah how'd you know it was them or you could help. Always nobody looks like that in San Mateo. Okay so and and now he's Tom Donahue's group by the way what do you mean. That was his group. He Made Bobo Group assignment of you know nothing about Tom. Donahue Oh my God you. The people who need to know about Tom Tom Donohue he was a big very heavy set. Dude but There was. He's a began to look it up. FM radio he's one okay so you were lucky to have to be able to hear that. That young yes. I was when he started running on those long albums. But I wanted to go back to uh-huh Brummel so when you saw them walking the mall having lunch with your mom what did you see my mom. I was did inch. Did you say okay mom. I'M GONNA go meet those guys no. I don't I don't know if I met them but I did. They came back doc and got in trouble for being because I was underage for being at their gig. I remember They played Sarah Jail. And how'd you meet them. I just followed John Around. He was drummer. John Peterson. A photo lost it. You followed him around and the and then I got in trouble for being you know under Asian Asian conform around anymore. Okay and what happened next. I mean I've followed the stones is a Sacramento with my high school girlfriends. I'm as fifteen. That is a one. Were we were in Sacramento Keith. Got Electrocuted we. Oh no shoot patty in the bell bluebells. That had I sold my heart to the junk man out over the rainbow. I Love I sold my heart to the junk man because I really did so. Anyway I was with my my One of my high school friends had moved up there with her family. And so we were in a car moved up where Sacramento. Okay Sacramento you went all right them. Okay Anyway Oy so. We went to the stones concert and then suddenly Keith gets elected you did and goes like five feet off the ground and Dan you witness that they shut the curtains so I said let's go so we all jammed out of there and got in the car and the car came out of the garage garage. I believe and We follow that car which had the stones in it all the stones down the freeway everyday then. They stopped at a gas station and change into another car. And we follow that car. And I can't do a little bungalow. Oh Hotel and motel and We got out and we pass where Mick wise and you could hear him kind of like pacing and really upset about of course keys was in the hands of the ambulance police. I have heard stories I have. I heard rumors not gonNA verified him because I was there the big beat him up. I'm not sure who beat him up. Please on that yeah yeah. I'm not sure but there was. That's what they did might have. You know. There's a threat to them. Yeah so then we. We went to this other room which happened to be Brian. Jones grow knocked on the doors open so we just walked in. I earth three was going to his suitcase looking to close at that time. I was really interested in insects that I was really ever interested as sex anyway but anyway yeah I know I know that about you for a few ties. It three times a happened but that was good anyway so he was. You're going to a suitcases. Your cases and Charlie watches in there because he had lost his key or didn't have a key to get his his apartment. We sat there and just watch them and Brian Jones is one of my favorite in the world. Was He. Okay at that point were you offend fanatic of his like he became later or did that hell is being. Yeah they're Kinda you know too seriously. Want her it. Wasn't it in as off that I would have been probably a little later. Okay in other words it I just was cool. It was just kind of cool so then we got an eating asses leave. I don't think but we laughed APPS and that was one of my first encounters. Yeah well so you hung out with Brian and Charlie at age fifteen yes. That's pretty amazing.

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