The 2020 PS4 Games We Can't Wait to Play



The game awards the last week to go from the show airs. We saw a hefty goes to sue SHEMA trailer with a summer. Two Thousand Twenty eight. If you asked me. We're now at four heavily anticipated towels house for next year. We can open this up for debate but those four are according to Brigitte. Final Fantasy seven remake cyberpunk twenty seventy seven. The last of us are to an Shema when I I would like to ask the beyond crews this if you could only choose one of those four games to play next year. which would it be and why Virginia's first and says F F seven remake? Because I think it's still one of the greatest of all time. Thanks all the great content on the show each week and happy holidays cyberpunk. Yeah that's that's the answer. It's I think it's the most hosts new thing despite the fact that we've gotten eight hundred things cyberpunk shaped and we've also gotten a million games with cyberpunk in the press release. That's the one that feels was like a brand new thing. It feels like the most sort of future facing in terms of like this is a whole new generation video games. I the last of us is one of my favorite games of all time If it had never gotten a sequel I would have been perfectly happy because it was it had a perfect ending for me. It is the loss of us. Just because I think naughty dog are the best storytellers the AAA space. And like knowing that this sequel exists and not knowing where that story was going to be taken destroy Oye Mi and I would never recover. It would kill me not knowing where they take him. I agree with you Altana like if there there was never a sequel. I would be fine with that but the fact is like if I knew that in this alternate reality if I knew that that game existed yet I just couldn't play it like I would did. I would go crazy and this alternate reality. All four games are still coming out. You just only get to play one. Oh Santa telling you wouldn't I wouldn't. I wouldn't get to experience it. That's the thing like what some like some really telling what like in five minutes about products products that I actually hit that. We're going to have to make last of us to ending. Explain some sort of like feature feature. You'll Middle Ages ages on them sort of elderly Irish lady I got I got really excited. About fantasy seven remake. I think some new screen shots were kicking around and I just I was kind of looking at the being like holy crap. We're getting this like we're eating this soon. And that's GonNa be the beginning of that of that game and like I have really fond memories of the original Movin Ninety seven I've tried to go back and replay it and it's just it's rough. Yeah it's just one of those games like many games on the original playstation. That is just so beautiful in your head and then you play them again and it's like Oh dear new Evidence new curve soul now but so am I.. Someone's GonNa Naughty in addition to this this list which is very good I'm weirdly I'm kind of. I'm kind of not lukewarm. I'm just like I I think the last of a set such a high bar the first time around and the fact that it is sort of. It's it's not a known quantity but it is a familiar universe. I'm so much more excited about cyberpunk just being like this. Is the thing that we first heard about in twenty thirteen thirteen. Yeah we've been thinking about this for seven years like it's nuts There's also on top of this. I was looking at the calendar. The release schedule for the next here. And like I'm excited drag Abbasi Korat. I realized it's just me on that front. No no Max. Speaking of the fact that I run features at DOT com. I need you to make some features about that place. Seven seven hundred reasons that yeah job as the best. We're trying to do a holiday here where you don't want assignments. Yeah that's held. That's the least you can't say an idea around Lucy without it becoming each. It's you know we've given me. Oh love to go sushi okay. So here's my thing is not fair running down the list of the four. I actually if the only game I can't play can play for the year I'm ruling up the last of us because on the off chance hands as much as I love the first one. It's one of my favorite games of all time on the off chance. This one isn't good or doesn't live up to that one right and that's all. I have to sit with for a year. I don't know if I could handle that. I personally chur understand why most of our offices excited. I don't really care about type of punk.

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