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Doctor goes plays a lot of a lot of cats get stressed out I know money in new so you get ray the carrier right yeah absolutely in fact a lot of the studies they've done and they show that when you spray the carrier and it takes about twenty minutes the once great about twenty nine minutes forty but your cat inside the carrier is great but the cat in the carrier and they've shown in pretty much all the cases there is some very good effect far as making a cat have reduced stress though really a very effective product injury not just to to control certain types of behaviors but also to prevent like for example people don't think about this but this would be very helpful if you're planning on adopting a cat if you then friend or if you're bringing your cats to a introducing you cats into an environment is would be extremely helpful absolutely yeah and that's another one of the studies that they did that they they brought a multiple cat into new environment and deep environments that had the feel of step if user in the rooms the cats were much more with less much less likely to do other behaviors we don't is being cast like aggression or hiding things like that so very effective that was actually one of the bigger questions that we get here on the show a lot is people trying to introduce cats to each other and they always seem to lash out at a fight or you know of that so feel sept is actually a good way of you know introducing not into the house holding calming them down so I've got a great product now that I can recommend to people that say Hey you know put this in your house in a calm cats down so thanks for that yeah so it's important to remember that whenever you're dealing with any behaviors with cats at home just make sure it is not in due to a medical reason like let's say for example kidney problems a urinary tract infection is your cat cranky because there is something that hurts or if you get like like John was saying like his guide me hours of but there's an older cat suddenly our it think about it like maybe hyperthyroidism or something just always try to rule out medical reasons behind before try to solve a an issue just consult with your veterinarian and what do you yeah that might be greatly support what about biting doctor Tom I know a lot of people have where they're walking in the hallway in the castle ones out of them by their ankles without help she's just not me yeah certainly well yeah is it called that but that you reduce the budding behavior too absolutely now there's a couple quotes actually that that I was reading where it's in your literature but my Siamese cats had become a very friendly with each other hissing speeding grounding chasing and territorial marking

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