Beast Mode is back: RB Lynch joins Seahawks


Yes it's beast mode time once again Marshawn Lynch's agent made it official last night tweeting a picture of the contract that he signed with the sea hawks number twenty four himself our she also told that friend of his the beast mode video that he feels like he has unfinished business here in Seattle Seahawks take on the San Francisco forty Niners Sunday night with the NFC west division title on the line Robert Turbin is also back as a sea hawk left tackle Duane brown won't play this week there's no definite date for his return after undergoing surgery it could be between two to three weeks he could be back for the divisional round of the playoffs at the earliest brown is the leader of the Seahawks offense of line when it comes to playoff hopes the Seahawks were hoping Minnesota could have won last night but they didn't Green Bay beat them twenty three to ten and the outcome gives the Packers the NFC north title it makes metal floor the temp rookie coach in league history to have a twelve win season the outcome leaves the Vikings at ten and five with the number six seed in the NFC

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