How does Kawhi Leonard celebrate Christmas? 'That's private.'


You guys so Kawhi Leonard was asked today how you celebrate Christmas Eve and he said quote that's private I don't discuss those type of things with you guys okay my question cool why would be what type of things do you discuss because I want to know and I want to talk to you only about that cool what is the most unusual face of a league that we maybe have ever had now I'm not one of those people that think they always something it is their responsibility to talk to the media because we're kind of went to the fans I don't care about that stuff like you're an adult if you want to talk if you don't want to talk that's fine too I still got a job to do you got a job to do do your job at a high level I try to do my job at a high level both of us can both function our own spaces up I don't really care enough about it but I do want to know when kawaii says that's private I don't discuss that with you guys I don't know what you discuss let me know what it is I want to know what it is because you can't describe what you like to do in your free time you can't always go Christmas Eve what do you discuss I want to know how to learn more about compiler I'd love to I'd love required to do a podcast to open up and talk more about his likes and dislikes I hope we get that some day someone shared a story and they sweat they said I once asked Russell Westbrook what he did on his day off he responded quote I minded my own business and stay out of yours that is the most Russell Westbrook response to a question I've ever heard in my entire life I cannot think of a better response for a question from Russell Wilson been the one

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