Tracing the genetics of schizophrenia


This is Joel Goldberg. Now we'll speak with Dr Goodman BECO- Co Director of the South Africa. HIV Addiction Technology Transfer Center and head of the Division of Addiction. Psychiatry at University of Cape Town Doctors Tobacco contributed to a study. That investigated the link between genetics and schizophrenia. In a native South African culture. The study is unique in that involved only participants from a community native to the African continent and was conducted by researchers from that same community of people. Hi Dr Sav Beco- I before we get to anything else. Could you clear up the exact pronunciation of this cultures and aim So that would be Kinda Belong inside At all right I'll give it a little shot as for the purposes of this interview. Is it okay. If I say Kosa a gun SORTA I also understand that you have a personal connection to this this culture. Could you explain that as well is I'm one of those people in South Africa. Who has quite the admixture of at background? So my father was plus his father had mixed Costa ensue to intimidate. So my mom is my father and his family's towards that so I don't know what that makes me just plus I don't do any drexel's how about the study. What was your role in the study? So initially I was in vote sort of along with the initial program manager and the recruited equipment necessary treatment team itself in the translation of a skid from English to Pasta as well as subsequently the translation of additional tools from Involving having been tire process of forward and back translation we worked with the researchers themselves the team at University of Cape Town as well as some colleagues WCHS from the Eastern Cape so it sounds like a significant part of your involvement had to do with your personal involvement and knowledge at the Costa subsequent to that Meryl was really around providing ongoing back nasty supervision of the team in providing cynical guidance as we reviewed the cultural implications of Holly Asta questions of what the responses with mean how into act with the content of the questions and the responses that they got back your expertise lies in psychiatry. We hear about schizophrenia. All the time it's disgusting Guston News stories written about him books and depicted in popular culture in a variety of ways. Could you describe some details about schizophrenia. That might help dispel some of its nets. What we find is one of the most amendments is that it's a percentage of sort of it relates to sort of split personality in people's perception exception of people with schizophrenia? You know relates to that end in people a fearful of schizophrenia. Because they don't understand they tend to attach labels to which as stigmatize patients in the community. Part of the process of engaging with community members patients at facilities is that we approached as controls clients. That wasn't opportunity

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