Former 'Jeopardy!' contestants share their experiences on the show


For the last couple of nights on prime time television and extending who knows how long jeopardy has jeopardy. It's a game show answer in the form of question staged the greatest of all time tournament and I think this is a case where the contestants really do live up up to that title. Brad Rutter the all time winningest contestant in jeopardy history Ken Jennings who blazed a trail of glory when they changed the rules to allow people to win for as long as they win and James Holes. How're all face off in an interestingly formatted and much harder version one of your favorite answer and question show joining me? Now are returning champions or a returning champion. Justin Peters who writes for slate he was well. I'll read you the headline of one of my favorite articles. He's ever written. I got a second chance on who wants to be a millionaire. Last year I became one of the biggest losers in gameshow history going back with terrifying. Justin knows gameshows. Hello Justin. It's me and Lizzie leary. Who is the host of of slates? podcast what next. TB An old friend of mine and a jeopardy contestant. Hello Lizzy Hello Mike. I'm jeopardy contestant into jeopardy real jeopardy honest to God civilian jeopardy tell me about your jeopardy nece I was on Washington power player jeopardy in two thousand twelve thing. I don't know if it's still living but it was a thing. It's like celebrity jeopardy but for politics and media people a- Ah so if Washington is like Hollywood for ugly people what's power play jeopardy jeopardy refer. I know you were on it. You're better looking than almost everyone else else. On jeopardy isn't on television aired on television. Yeah Yeah in twenty you play your opponents. I played against Chris. Matthews and Robert Gibbs now Chris Matthews doesn't like anyone else to get a word in edgewise. Did that affect gameplay. I mean I think it affected the banter with Alex and getting and Gibbs. He's a former White House. Press Secretary Presser because he's pretty smart smart smart guy. And how did your go. I want to be clear that going into final jeopardy. I was winning by a lot too. So I'm they're on the the measurements that matter. Yeah I was. I may not have the best bedding strategy. Fine did you get final jeopardy right we we all got it wrong. Oh Oh I had like a slightly more aggressive than Robert who liked bet very little dinky amount that might have been the best bedding strategy because you had to cover all in right and you just have to Eke past you. So in that case actually the person in second place will almost always have the advantage. I had to cover like what if he goes all in and gets to this point. Okay and just for like one real. I don't know horrible footnote. The answer her the question the question was who is Bill Cosby we all whiffed. Oh Wow yeah. What was the question? The you mean the answer. I don't know what this celebrity won an emmy. The Mark Twain Prize and the Spin Garn metal right updated today serving garden given by the end. Tapie we all look like a bunch of really clueless white people which we were well and if you updated for today and is now serving ten to thirty in Philadelphia Correctional Institution almost unfair. And just do you watch jeopardy all the time Yeah as much as I can that I'm a man who has not but yeah a little bit. Yeah you guys excited for this show so exciting. What about it is just such a good idea? I mean jeopardy occupies Very unique place in sort of Pantheon of game shows and it's champions more so than any other game show are sort of known. People know them James Wholesaler throughout the first pitch at Wrigley Field. Glass Year So it is just a cool idea to take the three quantifiably most most successful players in the show's history. Pit Him against each other. Yeah and also they do tournaments of champions at tournaments of all time champions and you could say it's like the rock band who keeps claiming claiming that there never touring again and then does but with Alex tra- back having pancreatic cancer. This is going to come to an end and sadly it's going to come to an end fairly early soon so when they say this is the greatest of all time champion. This is the greatest of all time. It is like they were all wearing purple. Ribbons is that for him. Yeah let's talk a little bit about Alex Trebek's I understand that he. I have critiqued him over the years. I think that especially in the QA in a sections. I mean let's unite. QNA's I mean he's a game show. Host is not an interviewer and he it comes across the he doesn't care with his to go to sentiments. which are good for you and I'm not going? There says that one a lot so yeah I understand like what he does is a skill skill and he's obviously good at it but the fact that he is battled cancer and came back from it. And there's this this whole outpouring of Love I. I think it's deserved. I can't I can't find fault in that jeopardy fans are loving and miss already missing al now not at all. I think it's okay. I'm good with

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