What Podcast Newsletters Should I Subscribe To?


There are tons of podcasts. Newsletters out there. Some are monthly summer weekly and some are even daily since ear. Buds podcast collective was initially a newsletter. The podcast newsletter. Seen is near and dear to my heart. I become friends on and off the Internet with other newsletter writers over the past years and I wanted to give them a chance to share what they're up to some of the newsletters you'll learn about our recommendation. Roundups others are podcast industry info engines and some are a combination of both. You'll hear from these writers in their own words. All about the. Why the how the WHO you get it? All about their newsletters. I asked them to share who they are the names of their newsletters where to find them a bit more so without further. Ado Let me hand the the mic over to my podcast newsletter writer friends. Let's do this. Hi This is Sarah from the audible. Feast appetizer mine. Newsletter comes out monthly in it features the best podcast episodes. I've heard all month links to my listening logs. Right track everything. Listen to and some editorial content about stuff going on and podcast land. I especially like to feature indie shows. You can subscribe to it at audible DOT COM I. I started my website and newsletter. Back in two thousand fifteen because there weren't a lot of review sites at the time and I wanted to create a resource that went much deeper than the popular stuff on it used to be the I tunes charts. Hey ear buds fans. This is Paul Condo and I write the podcast Gumbo newsletter which recommends three main podcast podcast episodes plus a little more every Wednesday. My mom calls snarky fun and self deprecating all the recommendations are episodes. Says I love for one reason or another which is why started this newsletter. I wanted to share all the great shows that I was listening to that may be the average listener. I wasn't aware of. You can sign up at PODCAST GUMBO DOT COM which also gets you a copy of my rather large e book of recommendations and lastly don't let anybody tell you that I don't love puppies. Hey everyone my name is Jenna Spinelli and I. I am the creator of a newsletter called the University of podcast it's a newsletter that looks specifically at the role of podcasting in higher education. I I work at Penn State University where I host and produce a podcast called democracy works and I started the newsletter because I was seeing lots of great examples. Also podcasts in Higher Ed also having people reach out to me ask questions about how to get started or how to shape their show how to find an audience it's the newsletter shares. Tips Resources Best Practices an awesome examples of some really great podcasts that are being produced by colleges and universities abuse throughout the US and around the world you can find it at Jena Spinelli Dot com slash newsletter. That's J. E. N. N. A. S. appea- I N. E. L. L. E. dot com slash newsletter. Thank you to Arielle and air buds for including me in this episode and I look forward to hearing about all the other great podcast newsletters out there. Thanks Hi my name. Is Eric Jones and I write the hurt your brain newsletter. You can find past issues and sign up hurt. Your brain dot com the types of shows that I talk about and recommend in the newsletter are largely non fiction by love learning from podcast. It's one of of The best ways for me to learn about the world so anything that makes me think Ortiz's me something new. I like to share with other people. So that's really how it started was us taking taking notes as listening to these shows anyway and this was a way for me to to share that with others so in addition to the recommendations each newsletter as a bonus of sorts includes a podcast related drawing as well. So thank you and please check it out. My name is an NFL on this collins. And I write the newsletter audio dramatic which is dedicated to showcasing and discussing all things relevant to fiction. PODCASTS you can sign up for my newsletter over at my website site at Honda's Collins Dot Com. I write Minna reviews essays spotlight important news and linked to other commended reading for creators and listeners alike. When I started audio dramatic fiction podcasts desperately needed more platforms like this places that were dedicated to helping those creators find their audiences? I think fiction's fiction having a moment now in audio and I'm excited to see where it takes us. I'm Mike yes and I write this week and podcasts which directs listeners to the most notable so an interesting podcast every week I focus on four things. Kick it off with a hot. Take a funder provocative line pulled from podcast a second I highlight worthwhile all deep dives which are either multi part series or singular dies into a topic stuff you can binge? The third section is guest appearances. I highlight usually thirty to fifty fifty notable guests each week and I close it out with the section on debut podcasts. I always tried to highlight what I think are the key developments on the charts but also include in these and I give my own takes here and there but mostly. I'm just a podcast lever looking to help listeners. Know what's out there and find podcast they'll love to you can sign up at weakened PODCAST DOT com. I'm Lauren and the creator of podcast the newsletter. Your weekly love letter to podcasts. And the people who make them. And if you subscribe the every single Friday you get an email for me at has a little introduction. Something I've written about podcasts. Long list of my weekly recommendations. And there's always as an interview with the host or producers somebody in the podcasting industry whom I love and I want you to love to so good a podcast the newsletter dot dot com. And you can see my archive and decide if you want to subscribe and they hope you do. Thanks Heather my name's Ashen and I run the find the pod newsletter. Her find that part is a weekly email newsletter that features five great podcasts that I think my newsletter audience will enjoy. I started the newsletter because frankly the podcast discover ability is still kind of terrible. The podcast feature cover almost every topic but must meet the criteria of what I believe is a podcast that is high quality and the my newsletter audience will find either interesting entertaining or useful. You can subscribe to the newsletter at that. Find that POT DOT com. My name is even gradient on the CO founder of podcast delivery. Where if you sign up that PODCAST DELIVERY DOT COM? You'll receive weekly podcast recommendations in your inbox every Monday. We started this because we understood that the podcast discovery struggle was Israel and we wanted to make things easier and simple we. We'd through the endless stream of new content and dig through all the noise until we find a jam and then we send it your away. Our goal is to let listeners. Listen and forget about discovering we know that you want to start off every week on the right foot and we're here to help with that we'll deliver a fresh rush. PODCAST recommendation. The moment you sign up and every Monday once you subscribe at podcast delivery Dot Com. Hi My name is will Williams. This newsletter is the Williams podcast newsletter. You can find that by going to my website. It's will williams dot reviews with one L. so it's W. I l. w. w. I l. l. a. m. s. doc reviews. There should be a little pop up there. And there's also something on the side where you can sign up for the newsletter. I made the newsletter because I wanted a place to write about just kind of my observations of the industry gives them a shout out to people who don't typically get shoutouts in most big publications and to keep up with my work when I am writing for other sources in my newsletter. You can usually find some kind of advice or something that I have learned for. We're just a little bit of an update on the industry as a whole it's kind of whatever I'm thinking of that month as the industry changes so much. Hello I'm James Cridland an and Eireann called news your free daily briefing on podcasting and on demand. It's a daily email and you can also find senior smart speaker news briefing to where we sound like this. It should take less than three minutes to keep up to speed with all the news and you can subscribe to pot news for free at pod. News Dot net. I started at eighteen months ago because ever since I got involved in podcasting in two thousand and five. The wasn't quick way to keep up to speed on an increasingly global industry and there is now. Oh which is nice. Hey My name is Sky Pillsbury and I write the inside podcasting email newsletter. It goes out three times a week and it contains the ten most most interesting things that happened in podcasting that day. According to me it could be industry news. An eye opening twitter thread information about a new podcast. Whatever has caught my eye and I try to make it fun? I wanted to be something you look forward to reading. And doesn't feel like a chore you can subscribe to It for free at inside dot com forward slash podcasting. I jumped at the chance to write this newsletter which is part of the inside dot com network of newsletters because I am super passionate about podcast us and the podcast industry as a whole. Wow Wow wow so much newsletter knowledge for you to absorb a big thanks to everyone who contributed to this

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