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Who’s Hosting the Oscars in 2020? No One.



Talk about where the Oscars stand right now. First of all they came really quickly. This was a very short season a truncated season Monday morning at five eighteen. Am Pacific difficult getting those nominations and the show starts on February ninth. which is I think the shortest season in history? If I'm not mistaken which is really odd considering when you think we'd be elongating. These things over time to get it more content out of them but the academy decided earlier run time one week after the Super Bowl and we got some information this week first of all no host officially confirmed by the academy. How are you feeling about host? I feel great about this. There was no host last year. Yes it went fine. I thought the show was perfectly clean and the ratings were up and we got a good telecast so the running back now. I don't think that the show needs a host. I do think inc.. This means that the show's ratings will go down. You think it's a cause and effect from the no host rather than the fact that it's twenty twenty and no one watches live television login anymore. I think that that is certainly a factor and maybe a much bigger factor than the host. But I need to point out that last year. Think of all the panic and anxiety and emergency emergency podcast. We had to do because Kevin Hart was the host but then he wouldn't apologize and then he wasn't the host anymore and there was a popular Oscar and there was not a popular Oscar and there was all of this energy around the Academy Awards right now. I think there's actually a lot of energy around movies which is good. We're in a great time for movies. In nineteen seventeen win at the Globes and it's opening wide died in theaters is another time where another great film has hit theaters and people are fired up about going to the movies. That's all great. It's not great for an award show though because there's no ooh tension around what's going on other than who's going to win well counterpoint. There is a lot of attention tension around. WHO's GonNa win and and we'll talk more about that but I do think it'll be an interesting race? You pointed out there. A lot of excitement about movies and particularly a lot of movies that are nominated. And you know this is just a theory. But maybe if there's less hubbub or like dragged out controversy around the ceremony itself then people are just like like Oh the Oscars. Should I watch that. I don't know anything about you know. Maybe you're grabbing people in a moment of enthusiasm instead of fatigue I saw. There's someone on twitter. Make a suggestion which I thought was very clever now. I personally believe that when you have a year like this in which the movies are good in the racist interesting. But there isn't that anxiety that we're describing you need a host because the host creates narrative all his own are all her own. Someone suggested after seeing Will Ferrell present an award Wilford might be the best awards awards presenter in the history of awards because it feels like everything is he's doing is occurring to him in real time. which is the opposite of most people? Were just reading off a teleprompter but what if will ferrell was just the a Co presenter of every award and we just shuttled out a new person you know. Here's Meryl Streep and Feral you know. Here's here's Jack. Nicholson and Will Ferrell. Here's Isla Fisher and Will Ferrell. Let's keep bringing all these random. Does you know Chris Evans and welfare would have chemistry with all of them. He wouldn't be the quote unquote host. But he would just have to riff in in one hundred eighty second bites because what you're looking for as continuity a little bit of continuity of clarity a little bit of like what will this be like a little bit of anticipation in order for an narrative for sure and a name to stay like Will Ferrell is the Co host of the core pilot. Sure I love Will Ferrell. And he's probably ably wanted to comedians that I actually fat so I I would be open to that but I think that idea is a more specific version of large idea which is the ah the presenters are always the fun part. That's actually always the thing. At the end of the night where like what were the highlights of the Oscars besides the awards. And it's someone or a pair of people who had three minutes and they they made it work and what I like about the no host option is that it dispenses with the the monologue and all of the the creaky machinery and actually does give you the option of just let the presenter shine how do you think the show should open this year. Didn't we had a musical number last year. If I recall why was it a musical. It wasn't Queen With Adam. Lambert and performance of we are the champions God. I had blocked that. No I didn't until this moment. I think two years ago maybe mistake committing two years ago we had a justin timberlake performance opening it up a song for minions remember that wondering why the Oscars are seemingly always in peril. That's how they opened the show. The last two years not ideal totally blocked these out of my memory. It's like they don't happen I think that they should not start with a song this year. Talking to hear Houston believe it or not. Well I think that similar to in practice if maybe not an execution Emmy's it if years years ago where they had a bunch of people come out to the host And they did do a musical number and it was a little bit tongue in cheek about diversity. In a way that I didn't totally love love but get a bunch of famous people on stage to start because that's that that is. That's the thing that I want to borrow okay. So maybe it's maybe not nominees but presenters or just people you like to see. I'm sure you could get the. We always come back to the rock but like you can get him on for two minutes. I don't know put the endgame cast on. What do I

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