Jesus Is In Your Boat


Hey anyone the society slate V.. And today I just want to encourage you with the GOP devotional entitled Jesus is in Your Boat. You know. Everyone faces SOM- Assam type of challenging situation. That seems like a storm and these storms of life can cause one to question. Where is God in? Although life was never promised to be easy. There's a solution to facing every storm so today's focus is on how we conquer live. Storms and our food for them comes from the Word of God Matthew Chapter Eight Verses Twenty Three through twenty seven and it reads the we all got into a boat and began to cross over to the other side of the lake and Jesus exhausted fell asleep. Suddenly a violent storm arm developed with ways so high that the boat was about to be swamped yet. Jesus continue to sleep soundly. The disciples woke him up saying. Save US more. We're going to die but Jesus reprimanded them. Why are you gripped with fear? Where's your faith? Then he stood up Ami Group the storm and said be still an instantly it became perfectly. Calm the disciples. Cyprus were astonished by this miracle and sat to one another. Is this man even the wind and the waves over his word. Now my question to you all that are listening is are you having the reoccurring forecast storms in your life and are you facing some giant waves and wondering if you about to get wiped out life can change in an instant. You're riding easy one moment and face with us to Nami the next you may start to wonder when when brighter days coming stay but much like the disciples in Matthew Eight. They must have known but storms wouldn't come as long as they had Jesus in their boat. But then it's not so you know. Storms still coming. Even when you're walking with Jesus so how do we handle the storm supplying inferior do we handle it with a uncertainty aware. Our faith meter ranks. Consequently the disciples had common thousands of fear and little faith in the midst of the uncertain situation. However there there was listened to gain in that storm? Jesus pointed out that the disciples needed to remember one. Do not give into fear and and to stand in faith we must look through a constant lens of the Lord being with us in every situation we encounter. You know nothing is surprised to guy you know. He already is aware of the intensity of that storm. That's going on around you. Hence Jesus visit moved by the storms we face and neither should we. Sometimes we need reminding you know that the Lord is with us to resuscitate our faith and the reason we need faith during the storm is because we must believe that Jesus is greater. The word can come the storm. I'm simply because when God speaks everything always and everything something. Whatever he speaks is going to be four four in Jeremiah? One in twelve says. I am alert and active watching over my word to performing. That's says and therefore faith in Jesus should be so solid that win. The boat starts to overflow with water and the waves intensify. We should instantly Stanley Trust. Kahad are thought should be Jesus is immobile so I will trust him in this. Most assuredly God is always faithful full and he cannot fail so rest in him beloved if Jesus can restore storm you should take the hint rest best with all certainty that you are not alone in this. Nothing is too big for God and Jesus is enough. He is the word word. Furthermore always remember that all things are working for your good. That's a promise from which you can count on.

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