Margaret Good to run against Vern Buchanan for Congress


This state is buying twenty thousand acres of land in the heart of the Everglades currently slated for oil drilling and production in western Broward no of Valen Stein with the Florida department of environmental protection says this is a win win for the environment and residents' this is a huge day this is guaranteeing that the heart of the Everglades public ownership and secure for future generations this marks the largest wetland acquisition in a decade Wendy course men Miami Florida as lieutenant governor genet Nunez says she's happy to see the legislators received governor rod to set a state of the state address with the same excitement as they did his first one last year were acting great results again and I would just stay tuned and watch the process and see how we come out on top the clock is ticking for J. EA to accept the deal from its former CEO Erin song gave the utility board until Friday to give him a severance package that's less than what is contract calls for but if his offers not accepted by his deadline he'll withdraw the boards trying to see if they can fire song without having to pay in many severance at all fundraising reports are coming in on a closely watched Florida congressional race Sarasota democratic state representative Margaret good is challenging Republican incumbent burn Buchanan in Florida sixteenth congressional district good reports she raised about three hundred sixty thousand dollars in the fourth quarter of twenty nineteen compared to five hundred twenty four thousand for Buchanan the democratic congressional campaign committee has the sixteen district as one of the congressional seats it's targeting in twenty twenty I am Recco

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