Sony Skips E3 2020! Does Sony Even Need E3?



Are are doing a Sony event? We saw a story about this recently. They are doing a Sony playstation experience in the store from now until mid February. Sorry right until you off the PS four this sort of reaction videos have just replaced that crowd thing and you get the same exact result but with a controlled piece of marketing that yet. But I liked it. Like Nintendo world store is like there's a bunch of toys and stuff like it's a toy store it's all Nintendo anybody in their loves Nintendo. You can go to the Sony store like buying a Bluetooth speaker. And there's a bunch of people losing their lose out mine. I crash bandicoot total tangents. My Dad used to work across the street from the Sony store so whenever it was like the summer and I'd go in for data the New York City with him. I'd go over there and on one side of play these new exciting games on the PS three. And there's a starbucks there and I can get a cool Frappuccino. Ali Play but also on the other side you can watch crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon massive. TV Vietnam have. You considered a micro. Yeah it was like okay. I don't really WANNA laptop. Just WanNa keep playing guitar hero. But I'll do this so we'll see if they turn that they do have another Sony. The venue in New York that they use they might start to do stuff. They're more frequently will see also kind of shifted a bit to being more. You're europe-centric yeah there's there's games com which is massive vendor's Paris Games week which they've had a big presence before I still felt like they want to spread things out. They're going to be a Taipei game show and a couple of weeks. We keep sort of like very very much alluding to the fact that a lot of the stems from the idea that the asa is maybe a little prickly and maybe the show has gotten sort of out of control expensive but the last three press conference got from Sony was kind of a messy one and I think that maybe that made maybe broke them for a bit and made them go back to the drawing board on everything. Yeah we're talking about the God of war thing. Our favorite moments were not from that one. No twenty which is where the show has it has great stuff in it but it was like. Here's all all of us in a church listening to the last of a score. Quick break to this other place. where the sharing Arisen Nevil to trailer? Now we have SID Shuman over there on another stage talking about God of war new game plus okay back inside to another location. It was a very weird still did experience that I do agree with you. I think that really turn them off. The idea like okay we need to readjust what we're doing right totally totally I mean. I imagine the amount of moving parts in planning something like that took. I've heard from like insiders and friends at work at big publishers that e three the press conference planning and rehearsals take place months and months. Show like the the writing and this and the opening and also the amount of moving parts and something like that were at a game at the last second will be like ooh. We're not ready. We read the e three and comecon live show for Aegean and it's like it is nerve racking and it is a lot of planning and inevitably fifteen fifteen different things go wrong every twenty minutes. Yeah yeah and that's without an audience on hand out like the scale of that without people from all over the world coming into like work on it and so we don't have like exclusive world. We're like a dog and pony show by comparison ethic they're like we'll have corpses hanging from the ceiling and then we're going to have the entire crowd walked to the next theater hitter. A bunch of bamboo forest. What now i Sony can control it? They can make sure nothing. Weird happens like that ever again unless they want it to and so the thing is when they. I pulled out of three last year. We were all bummed but that was also because it coincided with them pulling like ending essentially sunsetting sidelining. PS X. for awhile and and so all of their sort of direct connection with like some sort of actual living breathing audience was gone in the same year and we got the state plays blaze which is a great sort of like replacement. But we didn't. We didn't really have anything that was sort of just like here's an event. Yeah and there's no humanity to Sony right now like no disrespect to all the people working there of course but in the same way that Microsoft can bring out Phil Spencer and instantly. The xbox audience knows him or I mean there's countless executives at Nintendo but doug bows. We're now Beltran so many other people especially tree house. They saw me a moto kicking. He's still pops up every now and then. It was like I went fishing. Here's a new fitness game. And this this Sony statement mentioned are focused on making sure fans feel part of the playstation family and have access to play their favorite content. I would hope that means a bit of a more face to face ace relationship. Obviously her host is now the head of worldwide studios. Shuhei has taken a different position when it comes to indies. That's his focus for now and we don't have laden anymore. He obviously he was but he didn't really have this persona for the he for the Playstation audience. Excuse me he would come out maybe twice a year and I ah. I think what's crazy about all that is I think that they they will once again someday. kind of like bring that back up and or maybe not because it's like maybe that's not necessary anymore. Yeah maybe you don't think it distracts you don't need like sort of like you know not like just sort of like a celebrity figurehead or something. I don't know if that's even unnecessary cool. Yeah exactly I mean. We went from like a man and abandoned. Who'd costume to like pretend businessman with Kevin Butler to like actual businessmen who'd come out announcing maybe their job should be to do the business stuff than to come out and show stuff? I don't know it's no. It is odd that people who are in very executive high level roles. Also have to in this this field be a persona and out there. That is a very unique thing. Yeah Yeah I mean no matter what like you need. Somebody needs to count at the game awards except apt something for something event right and a lot of times. It's people who are behind the scenes making art all year and music and mission and they and they're like thanks you you know as opposed to. I mean like if a one brothers movies when a movie wins at the Oscars the president of Warner Brothers doesn't come out on stage right whereas like Phil Spencer would probably come out on stage for an next big win for you'll get a director and actor who's used to working in front of a big room full of people on. Yeah Yeah No. It's it's really interesting. I think one thing I wanted to say was I think this makes the Sort of Kind of cat and mouse game of chicken with xbox all the more fascinating in terms of who says what and when when we'll get pricing announcements on next console stuff is now totally up in the air. Yeah and I do want to get to some thoughts about when the timing of that will be. I did WANNA ask one other sort Sony thing before we jump ship to another topic but in terms of what he three his representative for a lot of people that has been. Here's when the mainstream pays attention to games. That is often a big selling point. We talked about it. It's like the USA. Today is in the Times of the World Look Games for this week and we said that a bunch of the office like people say that offhandedly and I was thinking about that a lot. I wrote a piece on Nigerian about this. I don't think that's true anymore. And especially see that with the way place. He shouldn't have ruled out. PS Five News. The first major beats of news were from wired magazine using not from playstation. I what do you guys think about. You know the need for the mainstream eighty three. I think Sony if they want them can just go to them. I think that we are no longer sort sort of like a hobby enthusiasts corner show you know just like a bunch of people being like pay attention to us. Yeah it's I think there's a lot of work to be done and and a lot of strides to make but I think in a lot of ways we sort of punch through that layer and we are somewhere now where we don't don't necessarily need mainstream him to pay attention to us but be they'll they'll look either way because it's going to happen and there's going to be announcements all year long thing is that Three is very much structured to be like. Hey it's June here's stuff that's coming out in November through December and it's that doesn't exist anymore and come out year round. It's a nonstop kind of just factories. A conveyor belt kind of yeah other than July every I mean you can take our commercials during the Oscars and the Super Bowl and all these other tentpole events that happened the world series the NBA finals. We that happened a lot actually. Yeah it's weird because like as star wars fans were maximum. Rose grumbling that we have to like look at like some football game once here ear and be like you're making me watch football so the new star wars trailer but like it happens. I think we talked about this. A few weeks back with the last of us but like that's obviously one of playstation the biggest games that are probably be a spot for that in the Super Bowl or championship game. That'll be the first time a last of US fan probably hears about the last of us just because of the way they're tuned in the industry. Yeah you can reach people a lot of different ways now and it doesn't have to be at three. Yeah you have one hundred plus million. ps four is out there. You can start there like yeah put it on the going back to the textbook comparison like the way that spreading information was in nineteen ninety-five like things were a lot slower. And now it's like I don't know I was looking at read it on my phone. The other day and I was was like how people used to read magazines kind of bored eating a salad. And you pick up a thing. I will read this but the differences is constantly updating constantly changing. And Yeah you know. There's that it kind of viral stuff where somebody sees something that makes them think of someone else. Now like share this with that person like people will just actively send each other clippings so it's crazy how McConnell to rent floorspace and pay thousands of dollars for carpet. You're going to use for a week. So it's definitely sort of outdated way at pershing delivering misinformation And before we get to the playstation and xbox question of it all I do WanNa talk briefly about what this means for three because very pointedly in that statement Playstation statement says we have great respect for the ASA as an organization but we do not feel the vision of two thousand twenty. Is the right venue for what we are focused on this year. They're focused on two major first party games coming out before the end of the summer with ghosts and the last part two plus dreams and MLB and then the PS five and this has been a show in traditionally where you do show new consoles so if that's not fitting with what E.. Three is to one of the council makers feels to me like E.. Three isn't a bit of a weird

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