How to Create a Brand and Find Your Voice


Feeling like a total copy of the women I admire? I get so much inspiration from my mentors but I feel stuck. How do I get my own message out there and have it sound like me Sylvia? This is a fantastic question and one I get asked. A lot is really afford that. You're able to find your own way to to express yourself in a way that feels original authentic to you. One thing I want to let you know about every creator and writer I know struggles with this including me when you find someone when you're inspired by it's really easy to read all their stuff and then all of a sudden you start speaking like them and writing like them and it can get using just not feel so good. Here's the thing think most ideas are already out there so it's not so much about what you say it's about how you say it. It's so important that you challenge yourself and be creative and and I know it can seem like when someone else says something. That is the only way it can be said. But that's just not true. In fact your four strategies defined your voice and end your brand number one challenge yourself to express one idea at least five different ways. This is a great way to help you build your ability to see Z.. Things different ways in your own way. Try this pick one idea for a universal concept and try saying much different ways. Here's an example idea f. You can't control the way things are going to happen. That's the way the cookie crumbles happens. Everything happens for a reason south to deal with that. You just can't win them. All in what will be will be see. That was just seven two ways to say the same thing but they each have their own unique tone and energy number to draw on your own experience not your research this means tell your own stories use your own phrases raises. Come up with your own analogies in your own metaphors you want to use your own life to inform your teaching. Here's the

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