Pro-Iranian Protesters End Siege of US Embassy in Baghdad


Got the Iran backed Iraqi militia they've broken up their encampment outside the US embassy in Baghdad a move that could ease tensions between Tehran and Washington that escalated after fighters attacked the compound good morning this Bloomberg's in effect that Xena arguably in the ongoing escalation in in back then around the embassy loads both bad news for for Iraq as a sovereign and it's independents really is true because Iraq is kind of caught in that between between the rock and a hard place both so both the US and Iran have major influence in the country while the U. S. still making some troops and have had presence since two thousand three Iran has a huge influence in in in its neighbor Iraq through the Shia community that has its influence over politicians and over state institutions at as well as the militias which are loyal and backed by Iran but operate freely within Iraq a military escalation press alt direct between the US and Iran but via its various proxy channels is is now more likely would you say what do you hear the most likely scenario that you we would see S. conversions between the proxies with charter and what should they have that agency Iran and between that you either the Iraqi army or that yeah or the U. S. but they are kids on me is now in a situation where it's being forced to fight militias water protesters who are attacking the who what effect in the embassy and in a way that's kind of caught them in the middle of this storm that basically started after the U. S. conducted an air strike that killed twenty five the militia members that came off course after the killing of a US said contractor and the wounding of several two soldiers this comes at a really inconvenient time for the Iraqi government the political scene it's been in flux they have struggled to resolve the ongoing social unrest this is going to be just another burden as a it's the last thing that Iraq needs right now Iraq was dealing with as the massive protests all across the country against corruption and that I guess that rising in Iranian influence in the country and they wanted to do it without the entire political class in the country to try to come up with that a government that represents said the people and actually deals with bad real life issues they have and through that throughout that a movement now we're seeing that this movement take a backseat because now all that attention is focused on and on and on and on this and tack and that many analysts say that your own will step up a it's a actual let first to try to push out that if the U. S. out of Iraq all together thank you very much for that that's a thing of the past Bloomberg's economy and government

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