Why Neuroscientists Love Running


Exercise has really really emerged as one of the areas that has grown with real biological evidence that it can prevent and improve brain function and brain health. And we used to think as you said. There was an and north of the neck and south of and that everything in the Alzheimer's was north of naked. Nothing south of the neck was related to it. When in fact now we know that things things like gut microbiome can alter your immune system and having a healthy microbiome can keep you healthy? And by the innate in you can boost your innate immunity addity which might reduce inflammation across the board across the body including the brain. Yeah and Exercise Helps Reduce Inflammation and B. D. and F. so the exercise. I have to tell you I hated running. But I've taken up running because of what is that This brain derived neurotrophic factor. Because I'll miracle Michael Growth for the brain in the funny part about it is almost neuroscientists are runners. They don't do anything but run. They have to have something to is the fastest way to raise. Major beat the NFL's which is basically this growth factor in your brain cells together so called Neuro plasticity which increases connections and neurogenesis genesis. Which is the developing new brain cells? Chris we never thought that was possible. Remember thought it was puzzle. Is that once. You'RE GONNA get it but we now know that the brains making neurons throughout their lights unbelievable soda so these things like Diane and exercise and optimizing your gut microbiome and stress reduction. They incense work by regulating inflammatory. That's correct that is correct. That is the inflammation of course is the unifying common pathway. That we can manage people think that you go to the doctor. They're going to fix you but the truth is eighty percent of your health is determined by what you do not with us. And that's the thing I want people to take away from. This is that you can engage in your own life plan to alter your risk. Don't wait you know people should start. They can change your diet today. They can I started exercising today. They can do yoga starting today. They don't need to wait so new research. Neuro brain cells. Don't age it's your blood vessels day. Yeah so anything anything that damages. Your blood vessels damages your brain so few know how to increase blood flow so things like exercise as and Gingko and beats and Rosemary and pepper. I mean really simple things Can actually help improve the function. Shen of your brain being upon us your table tennis. You're not stuck with the brain you have. You can make it better. And most people don't know that there's actually actually study from England on who leads the longest so they looked at sports. And so if you don't play any sports you don't live long. Tennis players live seven seven years longer if you play football or soccer you don't live longer than anybody else. Because you're putting your head with the ball. People who play racket. Sports live the longest. That's why play table tennis. Because you gotta get your eyes hands and feet all to work together while you think about this spin on the ball. Yeah Yeah I picked picked up tennis when I was forty five and I work at it as much as I can. It's just makes me so happy and I think it has kept me younger and well. It activates your Sarah Bellm and the Sara Bellum You know you're the young people listening. You're not going to know who. This is it horrifies me. I called the Sara Bellum the Rodney dangerfield part of the brain. You gets no respect. He even though it's ten percent of the brain volume it contains fifty percent of the brain's neurons and the cerebral is not just involved in coordination. It's involved in processing speed and thought coordination and so when you play Tana's you're activating the cerebral which has reciprocal connections since with your frontal lobes so it's actually making us smarter more focused. It's really a great game and my goal is really to keep getting younger a younger. I had my telomeres done. which are a measure of the the M caps of your chromosomes and they shorten as you get older but we know from research that through through diet through various vitamins through exercise stress reduction meditation you can actually lengthen your telomeres? It's not a one way street. I'm fifty nine but my telomere says I'm thirty nine. which is pretty awesome correct? TELOMERES are big big. Part about program we use and telomeres for many years But you're right just walking looking thirty minutes sixty minutes walking sixty minutes a day will let them your telomeres and increase your lifespan. By twenty five years just walking sixty minutes a day to some net easy. Yeah let's say you exercise your whole life compared to someone who is sedentary their whole life and you both had a heart attack from the books members for some of these studies. The person who exercise is going to have a smaller heart attack the person doesn't excise level large heart attack. What does exercise do grows? New Blood vessels I can speak for. Hours was on just cardiology and traditional disease management. But I mean here. We're talking about you know more natural ways to stay younger and healthier and live longer. It's great great. It's really great and I think the thinking about aging as a process that's not necessarily inevitable we can with a little effort work. Intelligence Urgence use lifestyle plus various innovative treatments that are regenerative to actually optimize maintain our health and even reverse some of the the things related to aging. Now I look at myself more. I've understood about diet exercise the more. I've implemented it the better I am. I you know I can tell you my my my bone density and my body composition was better than even just three years ago. Even though I'm getting older I'm getting healthy. So there is hope for all of us who are aging aging. Because that's the fastest growing segment of the population. And the baby boomers are all heading there and even if you're young important start young if you're listening because what you invest early pays off later. I've been taking care myself my whole life. I've never really been overweight. I've exercised and as you see. I'm almost sixty and basically as fit as a thirty year old or younger and I think that's possible for everybody. I just wanted to to have hope and believe that if they understand the basic workings of their biology if they understand how to create health that that it's available to them at any time and it doesn't take a long time. You're talking about really months or weeks for people to start to see massive

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