An Interview With A Professor Of World Religion


You know you you are a professor of world religions yeah you know a lot about a lot of different religion and to take about Africans average out exactly one of the things that and always as one of I guess somebody who know cook you know one of the things that I get about billion counter it is black people thank you that the three major religions that we know of Christianity Judaism is long up a hammock religious don't forget about ever have yes yes yes Hey Brian yep yes yes they think that these are white religions they take the people pick actually think that Christianity with be gone by white yeah I think the duty of the world book gone by white right you know that you think that Jews are ethnically bought a ethnic group as as opposed to being a religious that's right I mean if I was a political right also to prove what I mean help us with that man you dumb down my lane do it you know you're down my life so yeah the classes that I teach at that IDC and elsewhere I always emphasize that the book we call the Bible is an African book based on three basic of components one the land to the people treat the languages as we had to go right if you take a map you look at what's been described in the tanks the land masses from mother date the opiate to the outskirts of India that's still testament if you look at the New Testament that sum all round Palestine and all around the Mediterranean and then it becomes more Afro European but is Afroasiatic after European the the people migrated back and forth to play what we call all the new teslas same type of folk they brown of people like people most employed by Egypt and then of Babylon modern day Iraq then we'll look at the languages Hebrew is an Afro Asiatic language the Greek this use the New Testament is call Corneil Greek common we but is the particular idiom and as in northeast Africa and also the earliest text of the theology test Anil Latin which is that again all taking place in North Africa so no the origins of the book into the land people languages we can demonstrate it we can see it is African the permutation of it over time is it became European as in the same way lan people languages right so by the time we a re introduced to it and say that way by the time the reintroduce African people it looks like it's a European tex Lupe religion excel all three of the dimension but if you get on the need that English you see the court you for the call you hear that I watched you may just break down lack but break down the biblical text in here from every angle the different languages the different permutations of each languages I as long as your transfers I mean just fascinating actually I had an opportunity to to introduce you well one day of the what you call them we will deliver the Gulf Alexian Landau I'm honored to have been able to follow you wind up to do that is will only last year which is which is it yes it's an awesome because it is one of them but you you basically read the text the heat of the Hebrew text in Hebrew yeah because you you know what your body feel in here the the if you will the rap of it in the cadence of it when you hear the hit the review the rapids are you know on the need that English is is a is a cortex and I will be calling was translation is not really a translation is an interpretation is Islamic terror right and one of the things that really push hard on it that our people deserve better meaning our people need to know this because I believe fundamental to the PA reason for the deprivation that that the idea of not allowing us to read is precisely this once you read what you see once you know it for yourself that others have known for centuries then your mind is freed up new not been upon someone else's interpretation commentary and misconstrued interpretation by the bad design right but is that in in in in by design meaning that Europeans white folks mangle the text and present an interpretation that is at best there weren't and at worst insidious insidious malevolent well let's take a classic example the same came J. no different by the same King James to authorize a game J. version of the Bible for political reasons as the saying one of the authorized sixteen nineteen and twenty some odd African people landing in Jamestown Virginia as late as sort of it but as a slave purses that'll use all of that is one of them I'll use word is late and more because when I Slavic we weren't slightly right over to the not with the skilled people who a captain who did get paid right for you people who were captured in the end they did pay I'll be black he made a blow me off I you might want to get in on this please read of the of your brother band is really you monster rod about thirty maybe they'll be a

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