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All right Kramer kick things off. What is your first? I Chiefs Related Super Bowl profit. Well we started by talking about We started super bowl week by talking. About how one of the angles is this chiefs rushing attack I the niners rushing defense. which is the weakness of this team? They are San Francisco's defense thirteenth and adjusted line yards on the D. Line in eleventh and DVR against the run. This team has not gone under this total of eight and a half eighteen rushing yards. They've only got under that once in the last. Ten Games I it seems almost too obvious that they'll they'll be attacking hacking this angle so it gives me a little pause but like I said they've gone over this total nine out of ten. It's not a bad matchup. People will point out all with San Francisco's got a great defense. They got a good defense. They don't have a great defense against the run so there will be opportunity. Andy Andy. Reid is one of the greatest coaches in the again. One of the greatest offensive minds not to win a superbowl for sure not to win the Super Bowl but he he he gets running backs ax to produce no matter what they look like. So eight and a half yard seem silly. They've gone well north of two hundred in both games. This does seem really low. Oh I couldn't be jumped right off the screen emmy as a former tight end as a A former are you referencing as a former China and I also worked with a hall of Fame First Ballot Rob Gronkowski which Danny worked on the show as well we got a witness not know how to Pronounce Chore Four In Person. George sure calling worse. Instead of Chore Sports He Kept Calling at George Sports all right rob just one more time. He's like coming up George now the wartime I think it's the sports and then finally the Co host is like you don't know what a chore is like Washing Dishes Sweeping floors and he goes. I never did any jurors ores growing up. I was too busy scoring touchdowns to smile. This big GROG again channel. He thinks he's GRONK. He thinks he's King of the BRAS. There's only one continue the bras. And it is Travis Kelsey. I'm taking Kelsey to have more receiving yards than than kindle over. You're still you're still avenging. Take a loss in the albro category. I was bullshit that he didn't get in. And I think kindles little overrated and I liked the minus one and a half yards Kelsey Chelsea against Kendall that's risky bro. Kelsey is an a seasoned bro now older Keel. Those two young. He's only as a young and up and coming Bro. I I think he's again. This is just I had the early take. I kill sucks at home instead of adjusting to the optics or the reality. I'm GonNa just lean in. I'm going all in on trump. So you know. Sometimes you're presented with evidence and you just have to ignore it. I'm locked in. I'm okay I was GONNA see. Danny I know you gave me your props one. You liked Nicole Hardman. I just love McCall Hardman in this game we he. He caught a pass in the chargers. Game to really start the ball. This was the week. Seventeen chargers game caught a pass to get the ball. Rolling with our offense later had a sweep. Like they're we're GONNA use them. They've been waiting to use him for something if he's maybe it's a sammy. Watkins Pass. I would say if you're gonNA scheme something like that up the other end of it is going GonNa be somebody like Nicole Hardman McColl Hartman. Scores a touchdown in this game was three hundred over at my book. Make some money this guy. They've been sitting on what he can do all season. They've been waiting for him to get better at whatever the hell it is route running. You know timing. Whatever it is that he needed to do? He's doing it. He's more trust in the offense. I think more so than demarcus Robinson I think he scores a D.. In this game let me ask you Sean. Do you take over twenty three and a half yards over one and a half catch or over fifteen and a a half yards for longest catch. Well I guess I'll jump to my second one because it's literally one of those. How when I wrote it down McColl Hardman's that's total over? mybookie was twenty three and a half up to twenty six or twenty. Six ounce. Sounds like it's down to twenty three and a half. Do whatever it is. I like it over. This kid is a burner. Oh I think he can get it in one catch again speed kills and I think they're gonna be focusing on Hill. He's along I don't think is going to have a huge game now. Maybe breaks it off. Maybe he does but I think Sal is going in there with that mindset of. We're not letting tyreek Hill beat us in this game so I I'm throwing a little a little tiny tyreek hill and beat and didn't mention the field. That's always trying to move past that I feel like don't you. You want to protect yourself against that one catch for twenty one yards and just take longest reception over fifteen and a half. Oh see well that was total yards. But you're right I yeah what do you want to do. So you're saying I feel you'd be gets a catch. It's going to be like a twenty yarder. Always does he get the second catch to get over catch props over the total total yardage lab take longest or first reception is twelve and a half yards now. Hopefully they don't go to a screen or something to him. It's Y- yeah. Is it a reception as it. Total yards what we talking about my twenty three and a half was total receiving received but Kramer is making a case here and a good case. That maybe you're better off off just playing the over. I catch or global catch. He's only expected to have one and a half. So maybe two and they're saying twenty-three which means they're expecting directing two catches of twelve yard. That's an interesting way to all right so you talked me into all right. GimMe Gimme. I'll switch it up. I'll give I'll go over. I catch twelve and a half yards. Now no actually. I'll stick with my total because I want to. If he doesn't get it on the I catch then I have some live bets. Already have have too much stuff going to see what we're having here is. We're having the synapses firing in my going on right. Now we're in the car with with Johnny and Johnny's Janis driving and we just had a discussion that he was going to have with his buddies later. Now he doesn't have to have that conversation tech. We've sorted it out. He's not gonNA play. I cash over twelve and a half hour. We're going to move forward. What's your second point of the discussion? Sammy Watkins over three and a half catches this is I ah I I know I'm chasing a little bit. But I do like the angle that they are gonNA shut tyreek Hill down. I like the angle that they're going to try to shut Travis Kelsey down and and I'm probably going to attack props around everyone else A Hill and Kelsey are going to be the chalk your plays for the yardage rich props be more people will probably play those overs. So I'm GONNA attack is like Sammy. Watkins and I think he is the guy that is going to benefit the most. Because he's the guy that seems to be running more their possession stuff and as they stretch the field vertically Sean they call that taking the top off the deep and that leaves a lot of room in the middle for a guy like Samya walk in so I really like him to get three and a half catches. I mean you you got to figure how many throws is Patrick Mahomes GonNa have. I can't imagine he's having less than forty throws which means I can't imagine having less than like thirty two thirty two catches and then if you take the attempts so over or even the pass yards over with homes what is actually looked at it. Plays out in both scenarios. Where either they're throwing the ball a lot and winning or if they do get down there behind hind they're playing catch up? It makes sense for either a Kansas City win or unfortunately San Francisco win the over and and then passing the ball. It does kind of make sense. We haven't talked a ton about the running backs Darwin Thompson. What is he involved in this game I think so I mean the over are underway? What one and a half Kerry Russia rushing attempts? I mean there's lesean McCoy is persona non grata. Now he's he had some fumble issues he. He's he's actually quick and I have liked watching him break off a few

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