Netflix's 'Cheer' invites you to unlearn what you think you know about cheerleading


I'm late on this one but many many people have said. Hey you've got to watch the show Cheer on Netflix. Amy lunchbox watched it. And it just wasn't for me. I don't WanNA cheerleading show. And it was up in the corner of the screen we times Netflix. Continue to watch it but the girl. I'm getting the greatest show and I was like all right. I'll watch it with the antenna going. It wasn't for me that way to hear about it anymore. I think it's my favorite show ever so good. Good down the the the whole to like. I know instagram like following all of them. It's so good and it's it's less like a reality show and more like a documentary. It's a little a bit reality a little bit but it's so much a like a Docu series. My favorite thing is because they are high level junior college cheerleaders. And what it's doing is watching them go from you know weeks out until the Daytona which is where they have their chilling championship and you kind of following. If they'll make it who makes the squad and again not so much about cheerleading. As it is following the characters involved but it's super high intensity like tumbling and flipping and so like a lot autumn. My friends that were cheerleaders and like ninth grade. I totally relate pictures of them up in their cheerleading uniform. It's like the same thing. It's not forbid six bits dollar our holiday. It's like hard core hard core. Now it's like a athleticism at its finest. It is a great show. It's a Ninety four percent positive tomato with critics ninety six on audience score and again. I didn't expect it and that was only watching it to say I didn't watch one episode and I was just GonNa Watch one and and and tell me yeah but I watched one. Oh I gotta see what happened in the second one after the second one I was I was in. It's only six episodes. They're an hour reach Navarro Texas and so it's according to Camp But Yeah No. It's it's it's really good. That's I mean I tried to make Daytona. I cried on average because I don't think I cried every episode but on average I cried one episode Thorson episode two times. I don't want to do any spoilers whatsoever. Because I didn't want to be spoiling it for me but there are times where I was like just completely moved a Monica the coach. Oh my gosh. She's an awesome right. Come like school us right now. She grew up in that small town. It wasn't like someone so I would encourage you to check it out it's on net flicks. I did not want to like it so I'm not sending over to a show that I was like I told you I'm kind of late to it. As far as I feel like I should be watching stuff early. Recommended the folks But it's really good. It's called cheer on Netflix. You're still talking a lot of people that haven't seen it. I mean aiming I said and we spilling the tee off like. WHO's your favorite? Oh yeah what do they do. You want to be friends with dairy. who my favorite was Morgan? Yeah well yeah cool can back stories or what gets me because she you know oh she had family that left her just left and she lived in a trailer. I thought of you into trailer by yourself the Camper Camper. Yeah but I was like Van. I totally I totally get that. It's good a lot of them. Have Great Stories Darius. Yeah they're all. Yeah it's and it a two helps you remember to look like I would look at a cheer team like me like. Oh my gosh look how super towns and look at them and their cheerleaders and they have this but everybody has something I'm going on. You don't know where people have come from or what they're trying to overcome in 'cause like each character. Yeah why because chillier is seen as like the happy the peppy the Whoo I could do a bit but there was an truly help. Change their life like some of them were on the course of destruction and they were given some structure and something to that'd be passionate about film. I mean just like any sport can do for people but this happened cheerleading. So don't think it's a show about cheerleader. It's much more than you're leading his part of it. Yeah about humans. Their back story overcoming working and my husband. Did you watch it Morgan. Yeah I'm on the third episode right now. Are you obsessed with it. Yes but I used to be a competitive cheerleader so competitive oh like I was on three different competitive teams. I started cheering when I was like six years told my mom started a competitive team. Okay so this is like you. Yes baskets everything. I was like When I was really young and in kindergarten pardon heard one of the teams that she helped run? Would like throw me in the air because I was so little and I would do baskets and stuff when I was so young. Wow Morgan's number. twos like cheer. She's also a really good athlete. Possibly the Best Adelaide on the show I pound for pound maybe the best athletes on the show. She's a lot she's five foot tall right and I think if we're fighting I'M GONNA win because I'm bigger but I think she's possibly the best athletes on the show. That's tough for me to say BR bride Here because I considered myself to be athletic but I'll get no credit. No credit and I was in cheerleader to maybe so you my senior year of High School Rau- Rodman like I couldn't even do it. Texas tea did you. I think of going to college. Oh Yeah I teared in high school I mean. I did all the steps of cheerleading. And I could probably still do some of my backflips and stuff. I really want to do. So Oh wow. It's the gymnastics cheerleading. This show it's not the cheerleaders you rarely see them. Go out and do cheers in the background. You'll see them do that. It's it's not a stunt guy. Basically gymnastic yeah gymnastics part of cheer wit stunts which stunts is where the stuff that gets really hard and tricky. Like I probably had two or three concussions concussions. When I was doing stunts and stuff that's wild? This is crazy like five concussions in the NFL you get if you can cut into your. You're done like you're GonNa be messed up your whole life so nervous like every time they would go into a new formation and went to like live like build the pyramid off his always like gripping at a UH. I don't know who's your favorite character. Jerry Jerry I wanted I need to channel more Jerry in my life. Because he's just so positive. Gosh he has like he had a rough like lost his mom and into lose your mom. It's such a young age and formative years and gosh she just still stayed so positive. Well we'll leave it with that for now but that show cheer is to me was way more than cheerleading. Because I don't that's not my thing to get interested in it's a really great. Docu knock you series a little bit of reality show. Mostly Docu series. What makes it a little bit of reality? Shows the camera watching them talk about stuff other than that. It's it's pretty

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