'The Aeronauts' Is About Big Balloons, the People Who Love Them



Cars here to review the movie the Erro nas I saw the trailer Kevin it looks good and has a fine line of dialogue women don't belong in balloons good morning Michael yes you know sometimes people wonder if a movie full of hot air or not and this may or may not be depends on your perspective on it it's actually a true story about a balloon ride that was done back even in the nineteenth century which was to get those scientific data and the stars and he met Redmayne and Felicity Jones this is about two balloonists to get up there and and of course because of the new science at the time that it takes place it is a hugely dangerous task to just fly a balloon up there they don't know what they're going to encounter pretty good movie also beautifully shot for the big screen there's a lot of sweeping amazing vistas that are you know that that are very eye catching their need to see on the big screen there is a bit of historical accuracy and and ironically with that tag line of women don't belong in balloons the female character is a manufactured character who's not enough light similar to this and that's taking some criticism for but you know Hey so many movies takes some liberties that that's the least you can do so is this about trying to predict the weather will eventually that's what the the the science was for it was more of a scientific investigation for meteorology than it really was in terms of flight all right so how many soft landings do we give to the era knots I'm gonna give this one three and a half I do love Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones together looks gorgeous but it you know Dick it has its ups and downs I guess you could say our I couldn't say

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