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Dr. David Chao talks injuries



Dr Child always good to have you aboard for the show. Thanks for having me. So when we look at some of the injuries that kind of flakes of the skill position talents We had a big one again in Tampa and it seems to be history repeating itself last week we talked about Mike Evans. His hamstring hamstring the season ending scenario. That played out there. Lo and behold Chris Godwin goes down with what looked like a similar injury last. We saw him carted off in the tunnel in Detroit. Coincidence there is there something going on in Tampa as it pertains to their wideouts in their hamstrings as we get into the tail end of the season they run them ragged and they throw the ball lot. That's probably the only Only Lincoln Yeah and if you really WANNA go conspiracy theory Mike Evans last week. You Scott Miller Another wide receiver earlier in the game in Chris Godwin in early in the season Perriman had a hamstring issue. So if you really trying to go that way but I think it's just coincidence and maybe some of it is They're still slinging the ball around quite a bit Four hundred fifty yards for James Winston This week so so they were running a lot of routes and so forth as we talked about Mike Evans Hamstring with significant and with only three games left. We thought you and I are candidate. I think the same something's GonNa fall for for Chris Godwin here. You know there's only two weeks left there the bucks out of it The hamstring is probably going to be longer than that and he's probably headed into reserve so What does that mean I mean? Had you know from a fantasy site look for paramount. Because Winston's going to have to you. Who else is left? That's a blow. Be still my heart God. What has been the Horse Dr John? That's gotten me in the fantasy. Football finals beat up on her. Dear friend Clay Travis this past past week and in a massive showdown GonNa help that somebody else on my rosters able to step up and fill that void pain savior jokes. Because I know you're gonNA take cheap shots I'm not at all I'm not at all actually gonNA transition to another wide receiver with Adam Phelan. There was talks that he wasn't going to return until he was one hundred percent. Healthy Limited. Snap count this past against the chargers. What do you think that was maybe score or Israel setback therefore Adam feeling well? I think it's a original part of the plan in preparation. Maybe the seven snaps were only because of because of the score but he was never gonNA play fifty Think about it this way first of all if you look Ah. The history of what happened with Phelan was supposed to be a minor hamstring. You played it. Two weeks aggravated missed. Many more weeks. Try to come back to fast in in Practice aggravated again. So they've been burned twice with aggravation. Do you think they were GonNa be burned a third time when next week. They have the Monday night game against against the packers which is for the division and then even the week seventeen game against the division rival bears. This were the LA chargers not that you look past with them. But I don't care who it was only made medical sense to bring him back a little more slowly this type give them a few game raps so that he can and be good to go for the packers. I think you'll see. EEOC normal reps against the packers next week but there was no way he's going to see normal routes this week and so even when Schefter after said he was going to play and be fine. I never thought he would. But you know we all know coachspeak right. It's just another example of coachspeak another guy that's critical to the Vikings offensive successes. Delvin Cook suffered another shoulder. Injury couldn't return against the chargers. Obviously you mentioned the importance of the Monday night. Game against the packers will Delvin Cook play and if so how effective can you be. Well here's a good news. Bad News Bad news is he got hurt again and you didn't finish the game the bad news. It's actually a new injury and that's also the good news it's a new injury if it were the SC join again the right Septa. You'd have to say. Even when he plays against the packers he's one hit one play from being out against. This seems to be something to his left shoulder by video. I can't tell you exactly what it is. There's which sometimes good news because if he dislocated I could tell you. I don't think that's the case. I can't tell you exactly what he has. But it's new to the left shoulder and I think there is okay. Good chance I would expect that he will play and be good to go against the packers And I think that's part of where they said Look L.. Let us live to fight another day Dalvin and rest the rest of the game here in terms of feeling like they have a game in hand out in Los Angeles makes percents with a capable fill in like Mike. Boone had two touchdowns he actually had the second highest sparks score among running backs in two thousand eighteen draft only behind saquon so hard running running in athletic last Vikings Guy One ask you about. That's crucial to the defense's cornerback. Xavier Rhodes went into the chargers game with an ankle. Injury already played through it left left with what appeared to be a calf injury. Does he have a shot to play against Green Bay it's GonNa be hard Calf injuries linger CT Way Hilton. And uh-huh this even though he was GonNa want to at the quarterback position. It's pretty hard to break in driving the ball. If you don't have your staff there then you add the lingering ankle. I mean when you talk about multiple injuries and one of them being calf especially the positioning place as optimistic as I am on Dow Cook able to go. I'm not pessimistic and league's exist your roads being able to go last one. I want to ask you about beforehand it back to todd. The timeline probably doesn't work if it's a high ankle sprain but The seasons on the Line Right Philadelphia Dallas does lane. Johnson have a chance to play this week. I think he does first of all learning clean. Johnson Yasser Heikal Spring He might get some pre-game quote acupuncture to play area. I mean it's it's that big give a game and the other thing is he. You know Yes he's a tackle so he's a little more in space and I can guard. But but certainly it's easier to for a Lineman Wiedeman an offensive lineman to play through high ankle than some other skill position. So I think he's GonNa try everything you can to go. The question is If he can royal factor if you will be I think you're GONNA try all hands on deck type game coming up Sunday for the division and I know a lot of our board listeners Dr Chow who have been writing this Eagles Eagles train with the division future since the beginning of the season. So we'll all sit with wait and wait with bated breath as they go into that one against maybe resurgent cowboys team is short home underdogs but but before we get there. We do have a Monday night. Football game and clearly. The biggest injury around this contest is with. Ty held a lot of optimism through colts camp but you look through some of the lingering signs for T. Y.. Hilton this calf injury. Do you expect him to be able to give it a go tonight. And if if even tries how effective do you believe. He can be out there as a viable deep throat against the Saints Defense. Well you know. There's there's there's two two thoughts here the he will play thought and he won't play thought if you go by what the head coach says and very fulmer to him. Even Situation Frank Reich is if he plays on Monday. We'll be at one hundred percent. I E not playing short of a hundred percent. Well if that is actually true. He's not playing period. There's no way that cafeteria one hundred percent is lingered this long another couple of days. He's been full practice all all week and other days isn't GonNa Change Anything. There's no way he's hundred hundred percent for tonight's game. So we're going to stick to what Frank Reich really sad. Ty He's already told US T Y Hilton's not playing but we all know coachspeak and we all know this is. The colts is kind of last chance. They kind of have to win to stay in it to have any chance to stay in it so That may push what t y Hilton does and you may try. Try and go always interesting to see these guys and who's able to gut it out. As it becomes a war of attrition at this point in the season especially with playoff berths hanging in the balance team saw hang on for dear life in their respective conferences. You can follow Dr David Show on twitter at pro football doc like we say every week the single best source for injury information not only for your sports gambling but for those fantasy football ball championships. That are coming up. He's got a great podcast. Delve sometimes a little bit deeper into a lot of the injury information. Dr Chow. Can't thank you enough for your time. Although I'm going to have to cry before we continue the rest of this podcast with pain now. Knowing Chris Godden won't be available for me to go out there and win a title sort of your that gets into. Thanks as always Dr

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