Tamales, a Gift from the Aztec Gods


The word. The malia comes from the Nullah or Tom Ali which literally translates to wrap food for those that don't remember O. W. R. APD are a PT DT on the edge of its seat is rat wrapped. Yeah Wer For those that don't remember Or just a reminder now what is the indigenous language of the Aztec people of Mexico so still spoken through Mexico in some small communities So yeah wrapped food. A date cannot be pinpointed but it is said that the first Domino's were made as early as seven thousand BC. Seven thousand. And I didn't even think food existed back then which means we as humans and as a site. I've been eating them for over nine thousand years while I wonder how much the recipes changed changed since well since Chris was born. Whatever all the they are not quite what we know today? Because in early days of the Malas corn was not fully domesticated masticated at that time so instead they used They would use something called. They'll seat which is an ancestor of corn. Okay with the corn they would make a cornflour that is made into dough that the would then be filled with anything meets honey corn and somehow the more I read even Flamingo which which is a me but still. It's a weird it's weird. That is not what I expected imagining on Flamingo Hunting. That would be weird. I just went too far off. We don't get to edit this either. The my lives in the pre Christian era had religious significance. And we're using a ceremony is being offered to the Gods at various festivals while those gods must have been happy for example the Msci Asia people offer the Jaguar. God being the Ellis shrimp ones were offered to the fire. They were to Aztec holidays in which were more prominent I there was Christmas. Optimal squall literally celebrate celebrate my broad of the corn. God Did you practice out. And then the other East Kylie in which they under the fire Gods during Tamales as a gesture of rebirth cool outside of religious ceremonies. The food was favored because they were easy to transport in times of war after the brutal invasion of Spain and conversion of millions of indigenous indigenous people to Christianity Melas made their way into Christian holidays. Tamales are also became more elaborate because the Spaniards brought with them. I'm checking pork raisins. And other foods with the which incorporated into the Raisin tamales imagined cutting tamale and just like a bunch of raisins poor others fruit route ones to which I don't prefer. I prefer savory once but yeah there's fruit ones. Oh my God okay. with the Spaniard did also allow the families to make their way to other countries south of Mexico ago for a bit in the early nineteen hundreds tamales decreased in popularity in Mexico because political leaders saw the food as peasant food. Oh really interesting. Although thankfully people were much smarter than that and brought back the tradition as an agent of national unity and Mexican identity call the malaise of course eventually crossed the border north as well in Los Angeles in the eighteen hundreds at one time there were parts all over the city. That were almost got banned Imagine the Pamela AH truck on every corner music. Tamale Cart plays Many white people thought of the car's dirty port and thus saw the food the same way awhile. Yeah of course that didn't last too long and into the early nineteen. Hundreds of food became widespread throughout the United States. Making Tamales is quite laborious. boreas easy to say the least actually did know that because our friend has made some last year and he was talking about how much of a pain they were. That's how I know. Often communities are families would would gather together what is call for what is called a tomato which they would get together to help each other and making tamales in Bulk Doc This is something I can attest to you as I remember going up in New Mexico and often seeing this in being a part of it as well. I don't know how to make your family. Make Them Oh yeah. My mom always used to make him. Yeah although less can and are in any time of the year. They are quite more prevalent during the winter holidays. No one really knows why. But but some say it is a tradition that takes after the as dick traditional honoring gods but instead at Christmas honoring saints and of course Jesus perhaps it is a comfort food that just makes us warm or for people like me. It's just in our blood. No one really knows for sure. One time Thought as a ceremonial food. A Food of worship than food of the poor they can now be in in many places across the world although you can buy them in a store nothing can't compare to the the the model is that come from the kitchen of your community or family They they are food that brings everyone together whether to make them eat them or just celebrate The mileage an important staple to Mexican to Mexicans both indigenous and non-indigenous alike AAC and of course many other countries and people. It's not just the food that is amazingly good but for that is steeped in tradition and culture and definitely something. I could never get sick of so this holiday go out. Purchase the from a street vendor. And for God's sakes please remove the husk before you eat. Oh my God. I've heard that accent white people it. Well there's the POMONA incident. I don't remember which President he did that. And it's called the Great Pamela in really well that would taste awful Awful wow was that interesting at least that was super interesting. I like that whenever you'd said hike. Eat them every day. Hey Hon because I Thai food every day so I really want some time. Ali's tamales tie stuffy. Could you imagine imagine or like maybe just like a curry or some kind of sauce on them. That would be so good. I like my pretty authentic. How did you stumped like? Did you know no like hey I want to do this on. Tamales stumbled across this story. And we're like I've always known that they've come while for one. Christmas is a big time for us. So that's where I kind of started. But they als also knew they came from the Aztec peoples. I really wanted to see what the traditional that is super

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