The Legend of Voergaard Manor

Haunted Places


Vigo hated the bore. Hide stretched tight nailed nailed to the board behind the glass display case. He passed it several times a day during his shift says a tour guide at beauregard manner. He hated the way. It's glass is seem to follow him no matter where he stood in the room he hated the way the skin was displayed. As though killing was something that should be rewarded. He tried to hide his disgust. When tourists made the same crude jokes people posed with it like they had killed it themselves themselves? Vigo was tired of looking at it pretending that it was some charming story. Legend said that the castle walls crumbled to the ground if the skin was removed despite what he said to paying customers. Vigo did not give much credence to the supernatural stories around for guard. She had never seen anything out of the ordinary. People said that the dark spot in the floor wasn't eternal bloodstain but vigo it just looked like rot. There was no reason to believe that this legend will send a tour that the others after the last guests left left Biko stayed behind sticking to the large shadows draped about the castle. He hid from the guards and crept towards the display lake case housing. The dead animal. That disgusted him so much. He bashed the glass in with Iraq. His hands stinging as he withdrew withdrew. Them Blood Weld on his fingers. where the jagged glass shards had slice them Vigo reached inside and grasped the boar skin and he tore it from its mouth leaving small pieces of hide behind the ancient nails the ground beneath I need him began to Rumble Vigo wrap the skin around himself and took off running? The Earth moved beneath him rumbling. Like a great taste roused from a centuries long slumber. He rushed up the castle steps. He tripped on the last one and toppled. The skin slid across the sto- for a moment vigo swore he saw the high ripple as if stretched over ancient muscles a powerful animal laid. Low rock fell away around him. He's swimming air before plummeting into the darkness below.

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