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This season I spoke with a good friend of Mine Entrepreneur Author Business and marketing professor and a very outspoken Scott Galloway. We talked talked a lot about the metoo movement and more leadership but we covered a lot more in our full conversation. We covered everything from taxes. Income inequality parenting mean girls and something Scott Franklin who is all about white male privilege. It was a long game of mental and verbal ping-pong a game that Scott was definitely not prepared for an in hindsight. He said if I knew we're going to cover all this I probably wouldn't have shown up. But guess what he did. And I'd like to say it was one of the most fun and lightning conversations since I had this season and for this bonus episode. I just wanted to chair a whole lot. More one of the reasons I decided to go in academia as academia is based on the pursuit of truth regardless of who it offends you had socrates sang we. Our job is to provoke so in order to revoke we actually defined land outside the city where people have freedom of thought and they're protected if they say the world is round. They're not burnt at the stake. We are in this cancelled culture. Social media is performance art. You can't have a nuance conversation. Server the problem is I think we have this culture now where you get points. If you're offended you're immediately right all you have to do to be right is be offended. You're immediately get get virtue points. So this triggers microaggressions kids who have parents who provide concierge and bulldozer. Parenting creating this princess and the Pea Syndrome among kids Zyppah coming into college has led to an environment especially universities where we're really not encouraged to provoke. We're encouraged to pursue ideas and train people to make a lot of money but we're not there to explore ideas ideas because as a white heterosexual male. I walk into the room slightly wrong ish wherever I am at all times and people say well. We're having a conversation around these things. We're not we're not really having a conversation we're having an overdue immune reaction to some terrible problems to that point if you say something from your heart heart and your mind and it doesn't exactly fit into a category people will call you a sexist racist misogynist and then you're dead to them hundred or San Dan. That's my point. Did there's only one real dialogue here in that is appropriate dialogue for someone in my position and that is to pile on and be outraged by everything and joining the chorus. This is my fear retreat. Look to for example. I did a wellness panel last year and I was talking about how how in metoo there's different grades of me too and I actually brought up a very unpopular topic over them Shen because I think listen we love to fight as is a culture but we also love forgiveness comeback or and I brought that up and women in the audience stood up and said F. you and she walked out and another woman said corporate the America was built by mail white supremacists and until we destroy that system. We can move forward the listen the world is run by white guys. If you you want to get them to the table if you want to make things better we have to find a middle ground. Is there a middle ground or do you have to burn the house down because is it easy for me. Somebody who who has white privilege to say. Come on now. Can we love more. Can't we just get along. Cause I'm not really oppressed and I never have been so. That's a difficult question. I think we're going to happen over correction. I don't know if we're going to have what is really a conversation. I don't know how we ended up on the other end of this. I was thinking about Joe Biden and I believe with Jonathan Height. And he's sort of my Yoda around. This stuff is a colleague in Nyu and he believes that at least initially you should interpret gestures with the intent that they were made and I look at what happened with Vice President Biden and I wonder okay did that really warrant the type of response and the controversy and even just saying that is dangerous. Because there's the general viewpoint that okay anything. Any of expressing affection in the workplaces are really interesting thing. Because I do a podcast of the Swisher and she was saying that she's experienced and I believe her. Somebody's creepy moments with men who feel at liberty to invade a woman space and I one hundred percent believe that and I've seen it. I also asked her. There have been moments comments that expression of affection at work that you've appreciated. And she said yes and I said well some of US need help figuring out the grey zone in between that and the reaction right now among all men Out Work is that there's absolutely no affection. There's no real open honest dialogue. There isn't even joking and I think it's creating a lack of camaraderie and quite frankly a lack of career advancement in connection for the people who need it. The most I was in sales and banking one could say oh my God. It's sexist that you had to make dinner reservations. What were you doing going to places like? Ah Guess what me going to those dinners and getting myself a seat. Every single night was great for my career and to say I'm going to use my feminine wiles. It's not feminine wiles or sexuality but women do have high emotional intelligence and people might invite me dinner. Because I'm GonNa make the table move faster I'm GonNa make the client Ci- feel good now in a sexual way but in a personal way and that personal connection building trust with the senior people at the bank and with our clients it is what catapulted my business. You know how this problem get solved and this is gonNA sound politically correct your generous people and the thing that is protected or been the kind of the KRYPTONITE tonight of my firms from ever having a complaint or a lawsuit is that early on. I recognize this underinvested asset called young female leadership and that is if you gave them a little little bit of flexibility they were outstanding assets. They weren't appreciated by traditional corporate America so at L. to which we sold two years ago nine of the eleven largest equity holders were either. LGBT or women and you know what when you have women and LGBT people running the company. There's just never happens. And there was this kind of underinvested tested asset and now finally seventy percent of high school Valedictorians or women. They're finally catching up in the workplace. We have a different crisis of the making though and that is young young men are failing and I see it. In my organization the women are thriving the young women are thriving where women hit a hit a wall and this is where the nuance comes in is when women have kids uh-huh so women without kids have closed. The wage gap women with kids immediately. Dropped a seventy seven cents on the dollar but Scott Corporate America even government was designed in a way. Hey under the assumption that corporate leader does their job and there is a separate person in their home that manages their children and their household. That's the the model was created. I remember before I had my first child thinking I'm gonNA run the securities division at Deutsche Bank. I remember the day I came back from maternity leave looking across at the head of the securities division and thinking for a moment holy cow. That guy is on the road forty weeks a year. At that moment I thought well maybe I'll just be the biggest. It's producer unless we start to look at what people's priorities are men and women are going to change that for women learn evolution. Biology is pretty powerful. No matter how politically correct we are the contribution that men WanNa make in the home. I do think that women's instant when our kids get up at night my wife. Here's the footsteps AP's she's trained to that noise and while I'd like to think I contribute. I'm not sure she my wife worked at Goldman Sachs for five years and yet we found that the majority of the time I'm she was the one getting up and I'm not proud of that but it's a how do we create or compensate for that type of balance. Corporate America is trying. They've slowly but surely increased maternity turning to leave one thing I noticed about Goldman was they tried to be pretty empathetic women with children or at least they played facetime about it but at the end of the day she couldn't on a moment's notice. Go go to Detroit and be with General Motors for the meeting because we had two kids under the age of five so I think corporate America has sort of figured out what I'll call the male female wage dynamic. They haven't figured out is people over his. They haven't figured out how to create career velocity for people who decide to fulfil the most important attribute of the species. He's not propagation. We just haven't figured it out yet. Well it's hard to do that because when you're in your family raising childbirth years that's when I listen a thirty thirty one year old investment banker. That's when he or she is in his lane right. I would never ever say it out loud but when I think back to when I was in banking and I would would interview associates that were men and women. I would never say this outlet. I I'm sure in the back of my head I thought well I think she's engaged getting married. She like went Kevin. Kinder's GonNa come back right and I and I would obviously never say it out but I know it impacted me because especially especially in those industries. You need horses to run around the trash definitely imagine you're the CEO of a small company. That's venture backed and you have sort of a a Twenty four kind of hall past survive in the infant mortality rate on small businesses is eighty percent. And you're interviewing to H. B. S. grads and once a guy hi who's totally paranoid and worried and Hungary because he has two kids at home and you know it's going to work eighteen hours a day and one is that young woman who's just gotten married and you're thinking okay. What happens when she gets pregnant and I WANNA be a good guy and give him maternity leave and you want to do the right thing but unfortunately sometimes you wonder can afford to do the right thing? You check yourself and you stop that thinking but there's just no way you can control those thoughts to that point when we get offended when the President says America. I is in America. I I kind of the way we run our families take care of our own family first and then in our excess capacity give to others you ever. The thing about capitalism is that a basic human attribute of our species is that we're going to fix our own oxygen masks before helping others self interest is the most powerful motivating force in the world and it's the basis of capitalism at the end of the day..

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