Holiday festival lifting spirits months after Hurricane Dorian


In parts of the Bahamas they weren't expecting anything for Christmas not after hurricane Dorian which wiped out thirteen thousand homes and killed at least seventy people but CBS's Errol Barnett found the holiday spirit is stronger than ever even after a category five storm more than three months after the most powerful hurricane ever recorded hit the water is not safe to drink three hundred people are still listed as missing and some thirty thousand Bahamian remain homeless that's why Johnnie Morris the founder of bass pro shop with the nonprofit convoy of hope all reporting a four day holiday fast I just started thinking about what we do for the kids can we make them happy ten thousand people attended opening night Christmas music Santa Claus in a music rights help them put aside the pain of hurricane recovery there were even skydivers dressed as Elvis all of the families who attended the winter Wonderland left the festival arms filled with toys and

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