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Bob Stolzberg, Voice Pioneer, Shares Some Wise Words

Future Ear Radio
2 months ago

Episode 32- Women In Voice with Dr. Joan Palmiter Bajorek (Part One)

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Hey folks I'm Bob Stolberg the founder and CEO of Voice X. P.. I started voice. Xp back in January of twenty seventeen. So it's been three years We basically build voice APPS and most recently we released a platform that allows anybody to create their own voice APP With not coding. It only takes minutes and the voice apps that they can create a premium meaning. They're built for businesses to get Roi and they do things like syntax tax messages and emails. But we didn't start that way. We started off three years ago building custom skills for businesses and we were really looked at as an agency or a services model and This year we twenty nineteen. We pivoted to assess model with our product platform. So I like to think of Ben around a little bit. Some of our customers are hallmark. CENTURYLINK MERC- Tivo CLICO Square. Banner Health Amazon with we've got a lot and what's what's great is. I think we've covered a lot of ground. Meaning we've delivered for a lot of different customer summer doing diverse things both on Alexa and Google and Samsung so by by being early in the space That's that's really helped us out because it gives us the insight into what customers want where the technology is going and certainly given us some edges and I'm like for example. Were the only ones in the world who have a craigslist simple platform to build skills with these advanced features that you know you can deploy this stuff. Globally globally. So by being a first market mover invoice has been awesome but it's been a lot of work And a lot of trial and error fillers too. So I think it's cool like bring Bob on Bob's local. Were both Saint Louis guys and so I said Hey I want to get you on the podcast. And he's like you. Do you want me to come on. Live and I was like yeah when I so. It's cool though because you know Bob has been in the space like he said for three years and the recent I wanted to bring him on was as like we're we're recording this in the middle of December twenty nineteen and so we're heading into twenty twenty and I'm thinking hurry I want to get. It's somebody on the shell light into like what those first few formative years were like with somebody that's been on the forefront of Alexa so just voice technology general and so Bob. Why don't you share with other lake in the first few years you know? Let's say call it. Twenty seventeen to twenty twenty a little bit before that. What like what have been so your biggest learnings as this thing has evolved and matured in the way that you sort of view the technology today as opposed to maybe initially when I started to get involved in this space? Yeah it's a really good question I don't thank. You need to hire an expensive agency. I know you don't need to hire a developer for this because we built a platform that allows you to crank stuff out and I think there's a lot of misconceptions about voice where you know you really need to dig into a strategy. Excuse me and figure out. Well what are we going to do. WHO's the audience? We're GONNA go after and the simple answer. Is You need to treat your voice experience just like your website and when I talked to my customers I I said when you launched your website in the nineties or two thousands whatever it was you had something really simple and you know I. It told people about you your products and services says and you know maybe you had a forum on there they could opt into contact your sales or something and get your contact info. Let's start with that. You know you don't need to have this campaign that needs to run and attract a certain demographic it's great to have a contest or or some purpose for your skill but you should just treat it as a basic identity tea and you know just seeing We worked on really big hundred dollar campaigns down to two thousand five hundred dollars two hundred dollars a month skills and and I've just seen how easy it is now to create these voice apps with the right tools and a good marketer should know how to market their a website and by looking at it through that lens going. Hey if my voice APP is just like my website. How am I going to get it out there? They're able to do