Blockbuster deal: Red Sox agree to trade Mookie Betts, David Price to Dodgers


So the dodgers Red Sox have agreed to a blockbuster deal two thousand eighteen. Al Mvp Mookie. Betts and pitcher. David price have been traded to Los Angeles. Is it monkey the second best player in baseball. My crazy I thought it was Mike. Troughton mookie Betts might not now in the three-team team deal the dodgers. Since outfield Alex Vertigo to Boston and Kenza Majeida to the twins and the Red Sox also receive pitching prospects bruised doc from Minnesota clearly. Obviously a money thing for Boston it has they WanNa get below the luxury tax threshold price as a three year. Ninety six nine dollar deal and mookie designed a Deal as well okay. Okay I got a taste of first of all dodgers are very well run and in the dodgers do not spend. They're very smart. They spend a lot more than they do. They have a ton. The dodgers have great farm system and everybody they bring up works like everybody so they spend a lot of money on research and development development. They have passed. They passed on Harper. They passed on Zach grinky they passed on somebody else. That was expensive. Manny Machado. That didn't go all in on him. So for the dodgers to go in on McKee bets. It tells you he's a he's a day. One changed the franchise talents superstar or star. Yes he is the second best player in the sport. I don't know what his war consecutive gold glove last year. Obviously when AOL. MVP and she says. How are the red sox struggling struggling with money? I don't get it. I thought it was the Yankees made the most money because they have the necessary they have a regional network. That's a cash cow so yankees make the most money. Isn't it like dodgers Red Sox.

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