Inside the Huff Post Splash Flash Briefing with Amanda de Souza

Alexa in Canada


So a bit about me. I am a senior producer at have post Canada. I also work under the Resin Media Studios Group because Huffpost is owned by Verizon media so I- produce Video and audio for brands like Huffpost as well as a brands under the Yahoo Banner honor and brands under the riot. Banner which does a lot of branded content and stuff like that great and so how long have you been in this in your dream job and in the space he's been with huffpost which is now rising meter for about four years but I've been doing video and audio for. Oh my gosh maybe almost a decade like I just love video and audio story storytelling and when the opportunity came up to host the flash briefing for Huffpost Post. I just thought it was such an exciting opportunity. It's a new and innovative space and I think a space that really news should be looking at the formats in which people are getting their news or always always changing. We know it's becoming More convenient to get your news from your phone and now it's going to be even more convenient to get it. I think from Smart Speaker devices so I was really excited to jump it hosting this absolutely so I'm curious about sort of the beginning of this. You said you had the opportunity to get involved with flash briefing. How did that come? Whose idea was it to first of all create a flash briefing for for huffpost? Yes so I wasn't the original host another colleague of mine and Jumped into this but it started about a year and a half ago. You know I think everyone here saw like just as you did that. These smart speaker devices were starting to go mainstream. They were getting more affordable and just everybody was gonNA use them. They weren't exclusive tech anymore. So have post that. Hey It'd be a great idea to develop a flash briefing there are other Competitors in the space already and we thought of we're not there we're not at the table and we're not getting in people's ear so We already had success. PODCASTS in the audio space we have a great podcast called born and raised About the story of Second Generation Canadians we have a great political podcast hosted hosted by Ottawa. Bureau chief out the Iraj Called follow up so this was already a space that we were in and we thought this was kind of another way to show innovation innovation But also kind of build out what news could look like for Huffpost on this emerging platform. So the idea. The splash came up. And I think it's great because it's in our kind of huffpost tone voice. It's not what you'll hear on the other news podcasts. A breaking news flash briefing. That's GonNa it'd be updated hourly or be bringing you the news as it happens. We're going to bring you a differentiated. Tony you're going to hear on our briefing news and lifestyle lifestyle stories and feature stories that you wouldn't hear on any other briefings specially from

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