Saudi Arabian prince reportedly hacked Jeff Bezos' phone


The cell phone of Amazon founder and Washington Post owner. Jeff Bezos was hacked. Immortal appears to be an attempt by Saudi Arabia's crown prince to WHO influence if not silence newspapers reporting on the kingdom to UN human rights experts have said the UN experts called for an immediate investigation by the United States into a report commissioned by base us that showed the billionaire technology moguls. Phone was likely hacked after he received an MP for video files sent from Crown Prince. Mohammad bin Salman's WHATSAPP accounts after the two men exchanged phone numbers during dinner in Los Angeles in two two thousand eighteen. The video file was sent to bezos phone. Five months before Saudi critic in Washington Post columnist. Jamal Kashogi was killed by Saudi Saudi government agents inside the Saudi consulate in Turkey in October at the time the crown prince was being widely hailed for ushering in in major social reforms to the kingdom but Kashogi was writing columns in the Post that highlighted the dark side of Prince Muhammed simultaneous clamp. Down on descent.

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