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Second charge against the president obstruction of Congress lawyers for the president will begin their opening arguments tomorrow but they may not use all of the twenty four hours spread over three days that they have available the president's lawyers will decide how much time they feel they need once the house impeachment managers have finished their opening arguments Michael as his impeachment trial was getting under way in Washington president trump was attending the World Economic Forum in Davos Switzerland but as Bob Costantini tells us he was keeping a close watch Michael there was even one point during the news conference in Davos Switzerland where the president said he'd love to go and sit in the front row of the trial up in the Senate chamber however that doesn't seem likely to happen before leaving Davos the president reminded that he has gone back and forth about the need to call witnesses at the trial and now he does not take a position so on that a head back and I'll be watching it but it's really going to be up to the Senate we're gonna have them make that determination the president specifically said he does not want former national security adviser John Bolton to testify and he indicated he would invoke executive privilege of Bolton is called as Democrats would love to do he knows some of my thoughts he knows what I think about leaders what happens if he reveals what I think about a certain leader and it's not very positive that's just what Democrats want boldly to reveal regarding help president trump felt about Ukraine's below to me as a Lynskey and there's another concern I don't know if we left in the best of terms I would say probably not you know and so you don't like people testifying when they didn't leave on good terms Fulton and Mr trump had significant differences not only on the Ukraine favor request but also outreach to North Korea John Bolton might be the number one witness choice for Democrats but the president would not be able to claim executive privileged over left harness the Ukrainian American businessman was helping trump personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani try to find dirt on hunter in Joe Biden and pressing Ukrainian officials to do the same in Switzerland the president again saying part is I don't know other than he probably contributed to the campaign along with tens of thousands of other people which part is accused of campaign finance violations his attorney has been releasing photos and one video of partners with president trump at the Davos news conference the president asked if he had seen the impeachment proceedings and answering by suggesting there was information being withheld from the house managers we doing very well I got to watch enough I thought our team did a very good job but honestly we have all the material they don't have them into the brief comments did not get past the Democrat bell Deming's one of the house impeachment managers she tweeted the second article of impeachment was for obstruction of Congress covering up witnesses and documents from the American people this morning the president not only confessed to it he bragged about it this is west would want to use the week in review skin cancer is the most common cancer in the United States and our recent studies suggest one of the best defenses against it may be harmful Mandy gave her has more the study by the US food and drug administration says chemicals in sunscreens can enter the bloodstream after one use the findings published in the journal of the American medical association confirm results of a pilot study the agency released last year and a study of forty eight people participants applied sunscreen products to seventy five percent of their bodies over a four day period researchers found six common chemical sunscreen ingredients absorbed into the body all six with plasma concentrations significantly above the FDA recommended levels the two studies don't provide any evidence that chemical sunscreens cause harm and researchers say these find eggs do not indicate that people should stop using sunscreen and said they say further study needs to be done there was fear this week that the outbreak of a new strain of coronavirus could give rise to a pandemic the virus has killed at least twenty six people in China with more than eight hundred thirty infected a travel lockdown went into effect this week in China as authorities attempted to contain the deadly coronavirus deadly caller reported from ground zero for the virus the city of Wuhan behind the police state is normally crowded market in the central Chinese city of Wuhan city really desolate this is ground zero for the illness sparking global unease so this is where authorities believe it the source of the corona virus is

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