Kim Kardashian heard North West in a joke then decided it was her daughter's name


Because Kim Kardashian revealed the source of inspiration for the name of her eldest daughter north all was it a now defunct airline no it wasn't R. I. P. northwest no it is from a joke that Jay Leno made they call this tell us about it all right so Kim Kardashian was on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno a couple of months before the birth of her first daughter north and Jay Leno joked that she should name the kid Northwest Airlines the apparently she was like oh that's actually a really good idea was is a little joke but you don't actually my kid north west because I remember when we were actually learn the name of Kim Kardashian's first child we thought it was kind of a joke to leader like you're like you're kidding right your kid is named after a defunct airline in a direction on a map and the answer to that was yes yes actually I found that story to actually be quite endearing that it was like I just you know I was on the couch of Jay Leno and he made this Joe can you know what I actually see your joke and it inspired me and my child then and it's a cute I mean it is cute enough but he's been around for awhile we don't think anything of it cute name and the color Norian that that's kind of adorable it is

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