All The Games* Of 2019, Part 2 - burst 03


Merry Christmas to those of US celery and happy holidays to everybody out there listening listening to the show. And of course the U Kirk and you Mattie Happy Happy Holidays Merry Christmas. Thanks so much. Seemed seem to both of you. Happy Hannukah GSA then happy Hannukah. It's thank you hope. Everyone has a happy new year's they won't get to listen to the split screen but it can just recover from a fun night with all their friends in other words just beyond the edge of their seats to find out how our predictions Pan Down Pan Am sure. Everyone's realizing the hype. It's all about building up the important part of having a podcast cited for future episodes to those of you. Also have newborn children. Enjoy your going to sleep at nine PM. On New Year's Eves Newborn children going to go to bed early. Probably I'll celebrate goes time and go to bed Nano

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