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Junior Johnson, moonshiner turned NASCAR legend, dies at 88


An icon of the race track has died junior Johnson was a NASCAR pioneer and also a legendary bootlegger from member station W. N. C. here's Jeff to puree for years junior Johnson lived a double life under the moon lit sky he worked in the family business evading authorities well making it legal deliveries of moonshine on the weekends he was beloved by the fans of NASCAR winning dozens of races in the nineteen fifties and sixties I know what I got about I got better that I had a lot of Georgia out all but a happy guy they'll be as evil from Daytona international speedway to the Carolina mountains his driving was legendary Johnson drove a souped up for it with a tractor engine he regularly outran police sometimes using what he coined the boot leg turn to escape well what you did you drop to spay renowned real slow and anyway when the drop to do it right side wheel fall from grace you cut it real quick fix and slammed the brakes on and the final distinta right details of his powerful Ford roaring through the mountains late at night looting the law are almost mythical Johnson once came across a couple of local sheriffs who crashed biographer Tom Higgins look around the breasts and lipstick on the caller ID been somewhere they shouldn't bring on the server so junior if you'll give me back the courthouse and sighed muskie and I'll never chose your G. and then also you can buy their reduced owner Richard here Dan ultimately junior rearrange the crates of moonshine and gave the officers arrived the sheriff kept his word and left him alone Robert Glen Johnson junior was born June twenty eighth nineteen thirty one in the North Carolina town of Rhonda his father made moonshine during prohibition and had dozens of stills throughout the countryside junior was driving eleven bootlegging at fourteen he was never caught while driving loads of liquor however federal agents known as revenue orders staked out a family still and arrested him in nineteen fifty five junior went to federal prison in a place like it you gotta get along and treat paper rise are they when you go to bed at Augusta Lysol fail caving around you look if you survive he did and then settled into a prolific career he won fifty races as a driver more than a hundred as an owner and was part of NASCAR's first hall of fame class thirty years after his conviction president Reagan pardoned him for having an illegal still and in two thousand seven North Carolina made sales of his midnight moon legal junior Johnson was eighty eight

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