North Korea Is About To Blow Up Trump's Supposed Top Foreign Policy Win


David one of the things that's unique to trump ism is his approach on foreign policy and that he's been fine with breaking some China because it's necessary on this impossible challenge with North Korea he take a meeting with Kim Jong un virtually no other president would consider doing it certainly none of the bass he's now at this point we're his centerpiece foreign policy issue is going to be tested in the coming days what do you know about what North Korea is planning we don't know a whole lot about what the Clinton we know a lot about what they've made and we know a lot about what it is that they're saying what they've made the is probably eight to ten and new nuclear weapons release the fuel for those nuclear weapons in the eighteen months since the president had the signature trip and by the way the signature trip this United discussed before was a pretty brilliant idea to have the summit between these two leaders said the never happened before since the end of the Korean War the problem is the president didn't prepare and he didn't really have a plan for what he would do if Kim basically use this to play for time and that which is exactly which is what has happened and now we know that US officials and they tell me I know they tell you they're taking the side of ending the diplomacy seriously they're hoping Kim Jong once you're on deadline isn't real no what's surprising to me is that there really isn't a planned day I was talking to White House officials intelligence officials for because we have been in the times today and previous presidents George Bush certainly president Obama had considered plans to take out a ICBM on the pad president Obama executed a cyber operation against north Korea's missiles before they launched it was only partially successful at best but I don't see a whole lot of interest in the trump administration in doing anything other than waiting for this to happen and then going to the United Nations will that's back to the same approach that the president used to complain was the failed policy of Obama bush and and

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